List of Company Slogans

List of Company Slogans:

· Bellwort Technologies: Providing solutions Building masterpieces
3M: “Innovation”
· Agere Systems: “How Communication Happens”
· Agilent: “Dreams Made Real”
· Airbus: “Setting the Standards”
· “…and You’re Done”
· AMX: “It’s Your World. Take Control”
· Anritsu: “Discover What’s Possible
· AT&T: “Your World. Delivered”
· ATG Design Services: “Circuit Design for the RF Impaired”
· ATI Technologies: “Get In the Game”
· BAE Systems: “Innovating for a Safer World”
· Ball Corporation: “The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems”
· BellSouth: “Listening, Answering”
· Blackhawk: “Powering DSP Development”
· Boeing: “Forever New Frontiers”
· Bose Corporation: “Better Sound Through Research”
· Bowers & Wilkins (Speaker Mfg.): “Listen and You Will See”
· BP Microsystems: “Setting the Standard in Device Programming”
· Cadence: “How Big Can You Dream?”
· Canon: “Know How”
· Cingular Wireless: “Raising the Bar”
· Cisco Systems: “This is the Power of the Network. Now.”
· Cirrus Logic: “Leading the Digital Entertainment Revolution”
· Compaq (HP): “Inspiration Technology”
· Cypress Semiconductor: “Driving the Communication Revolution”
· Datel (C&D Tech): “Innovation and Excellence”
· Dell Computer: “Get More out of Now”
· DuPont: “The Miracles of Science”
· EM Research: “The ultimate source for miniature frequency synthesizers”
· Ericsson: “Taking You Forward”
· Fiber-Span, LLC: “RF On Fiber”
· Ford: “Built for the Road Ahead”
· Fujitsu: “The Possibilities are Infinite”
· General Dynamics: “Strength On Your Side”
· General Electric: “Imagination at Work”
· GigaLane: “Innovation and Excellence in RF & Microwave”
· Griff Specialty Paper and Film: “Materials that Create Solutions”
· Hitachi: “Inspire the Next”
· Hewlett-Packard: “Invent”
· Honeywell: “We are Honeywell”
· IBM: “We Make IT Happen”
· IDT: “Powering What’s Next”
· IFI: “The Power of Choice”
· I.F. Engineering Corp: “Your challenge is our progress”
· Infineon: “Keep on Thinking”
· Intel: “Intel Inside”
· Intersil: “Technology at the Speed of Life”
· ITT: “Engineered for Life”
· JRC: “You Don’t Need Wires to Communicate”
· Keithley: “A Greater Measure of Confidence”
· Kodak: “A Virtual World of Live Pictures”
· Linksys: “At Linksys – We are making connectivity easier”
· Linx Technologies: “Wireless Made Simple”
· Lockheed Martin: “We Never Forget Who We’re Working For”
· MegaPhase: “Our Customers Connect With Us™”
· Micrel: “The Infinite Bandwidth Company”
· Micron: “The Future of Memory”
· Mitsubishi Semiconductor: “Changes for the Better”
· Motorola: “Digital DNA” “Hello. Moto”
· muRata: “Innovator in Electronics”
· mWAVE Industries, LLC: “Your Partner In Antenna Technology”
· National Semiconductor: “The Sight & Sound of Information”
· NEC Corporation: “Empowered by Innovation”
· Nokia: “Connecting People”
· Nortel Networks: “Business Without Boundaries”
· Orbital Sciences Corporation: “The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems”
· Panasonic: “Ideas for Life”
· Philips: “Sense and Simplicity”
· PMC-Sierra: “Accelerating The Broadband Revolution”
· Pragma: “Operate at Your Optimum”
· RCAT Systems: “You push the limits. We measure it.”
· RF Bites: “Helping RF Designers one Bite at a time”
· RF Cafe: A Disruptive Web Presence”
“Your Onramp to the Information Superhighway”
· Rohde & Schwarz: “Pushing Limits”
· Thor Labs: “Photonics in the Fast Lane”
· Samsung Electronics: “Imagine”
· ST Microelectronics: “More Intelligence Solutions”
· Sun Microsystems: “The Network Is The Computer”
· Texas Instruments: “The World Leader in DSP and Analog” “Technology for Innovators”
· Unisys: “We Make It Happen”
· United Technologies Corporation: “This Is Momentum”
· Verizon Wireless: “Can You Hear Me Now? Good.”
· vidaRF: “Simple Solutions for Complex Connections”
· Vodafone: “How Are You?”
· Xilinx: “The Programmable Logic Company”
· XMA Corporation: “When Performance Matters”

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