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Google unveils “GMMXIE” New Years 2011 decorative logo

Google, known for decoratively altering its own logo to mark festive occasions, has managed to cook up a retro theme for New Years 2011. Way retro. Much of the Google generation may not even be aware that Roman numerals exist, making Google’s new “GMMXIE” appear to be gibberish. But those who can recognize the traditional manner of spelling out a calendar year will insantly spot the “MMXI” in the middle of the logo, which in Roman numerals of course stands for 2011. Which is fitting, as it’ll be 2011 within a matter of hours.

In the past, Google has tricked out its logo to mark the birthdays of icons such as Martin Luther King and John Lennon (and more light heartedly, the anniversary of Pac-Man), typically using hand-drawn items which vaguely take the shape of the interior letters of the Google logo. In this instance Google is being more bold, asking you to instead imagine the “MMXI” as being “OOGL” – we’ll see how many or few among the internet-using public figures it out before the evening is over and the new year arrives. Here’s more on Google logos.

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