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Religion in India

This is my search to discover all the religion philosophy, since childhood. To insight each religion deeply and to find answer of so many question I go through each religion books and find all the answers.Just think why Hindu pray to ‘BhagavadGita’, why Muslim read ‘Quran’ why Sikhs reads ‘AdiGranth’ and many more.
So, here I want to share all of my ideas which I got from there,with you.

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Hinduism is a religion, but it is also a culture and way of life. Over 800 milion people, mostly in India and Nepal, practice Hinduism.
The root of Hinduism is 3000 years back. Many gods are in Hinduism like, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma.
Ganesha helps to remove difficulties. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, shiva is one of complex god in hindu religion. He is said to be the god of destroy and and rebuilds things.
Mediation is tha main part of hinduism. It encourage relaxation and concentration to free the mind.
BhagavGita is the book dedicated to hinduism. Karma affects the life.
Ganga is the holy place for hindus.
The major goddess of hindu religion is Kali Mata and the temple of kali Mata is in Singapore which have a significance of violence and motherely love.

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Islam means:– Submission to God.
Muslim means:– Those who have submitted.
Muslim’s belive that God spoke to the Prophet Muhammad through angel Gabriel. And he recieved these thoughts for 20 years.
Muhammad and his fellows memmorizd the messages and somtime wrote them down. Altotoger they called it the “Koran” or “QURAN”, which mean recitation or reading in “Arabic”.
After Muhammad death, they afraid that the knowledge of book will be lost. So Uthman , gave order to write down the official version of the Koran . 114 chapter is in Quran and each page is called ‘Surah’s”. These pages have different lenghts each begin with a prayer and written in poetic tone.
They said there is one God and Koran is the true world of God.
In Islam, Muslim love three places for their honour.
Mecca, the birthplace of Muhammad ,
Medina, where the first muslim community built,
Jerusalam, which is supposed to place and way a journey to heaven.
The shrine named “Kabba” also have a great significance in Islam.
Mecca is the holiest place and every year HAJJ (Pilgrims to Mecca) went there.
Every day daily prayers offers in the direction of Mecca and kabba.
Ramdan is the month dedicated to worship in which Muslim take their meal before sunrise and after there sunset.

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Jainism comes from the word Jina which mean:– Conqueror.
Jainism is the ancient religion and gave to us By MAHAVIRA around 2500 years ago.
They belive to fight earthly desires and physical needs to reach a point called PERFECTION by taking vows, that helps him to live properly.
After there perfection they no more depend on the world.
They do not want to hurt the creatrue of nature, by nature they are vegetarion.

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The importance of Guru’s is very much in sikhism.
The word Guru mean:– Teacher and
Sikhism mean:– Learner.
Gurunanak is the first first guru in 15 century and the last guru was Guru Govind singh and he added his own hymns.
He said that after his death the book in which the hymns were written would take the place of sikh guru.
and the name of thsi book is ‘Adigranth’,or ‘Granth Sahib’.
They have Gurudwaras which mean gateways to the Guru’s.
The sikihsm is also influenced by Hinduism and Islam.
Most of sikihsm become a part of KHALSA. After that they not cut their hairs, must wear trowsersand a stell bracelet, must take comb, and a sword.
They are not permitted to liquir and tobacoo or drugs.

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This religion began in China and follow in some part of India.

Thsi religion has two principals named YIN and YANG. which means Dark side and Sunny side of hill.

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This religion origanated from Japan and the followers of this religion is in the eastern part of India.

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Top 100 websites of India

You can click here for any site to entertain yourself of top most 100 sites of INDIA

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Orkut India
  • YouTube
  • Rediff
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Windows Live
  • MSN
  • Indiatimes
  • Rapidshare
  • Cricinfo
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft
  • IN
  • Double Click
  • Bharat Student
  • Orkut
  • Sify
  • MetaCafe
  • Komli
  • Debonairblog
  • IMDB
  • ICICI Bank
  • Tribalfusion
  • Flickr
  • HDFC Bank
  • MoneyControl
  • Indian Railways
  • Monster India
  • About
  • Clicksor
  • Miniova
  • Sulekha
  • Google UK
  • LinkedIn
  • Torrentz
  • NDTV
  • Fastclick
  • EBay India
  • Hi5
  • BBC Newsline Ticker
  • Adobe
  • Shaadi
  • Photobucket
  • Tagged
  • CNET
  • Adult Friendfinder
  • Masala Talk
  • Way2SMS
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Myspace
  • AOL
  • Times Jobs & Careers
  • Dailymotion
  • A World of Music –
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  • Easy Share
  • EBay
  • ImageVenue hosting
  • Eenadu
  • MediaFire
    1. This list is based on Alexa traffic ranking. If you observe carefully this list, you will find most of the high traffic websites in India are related to Social Networking, Videos and Songs, Bollywood, porn sites, Job sites, Banking, SMS, News websites, mobile phone companies, online file sharing, torrents etc.

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      C-DAC exposure

      My C-DAC(N) experince has me lot in my initiatves becasue it taught me how business and real life works. It has helped me produce working examples in my focus areas. It also taught me how mangerial function and decesion are made. My approach has been to gauge h0wI can apply the analytical skills and tools that i have learnt at C-DAC (in all my current initiatives. And I am tried my best to get value out of the MCA programmefro that I keeping my focous a lot.
      I never faced a lack of support from my peer and proffesors here at C-DAC. They encourage me in terms of giving me plateform to actually take my initiataves forward. I could participate in many of competition till now. The exposure has beenn tremendous.
      I personally feels that C-DAC(N) culture is an add-on-experience to my comming 2 years.
      I have to work hard, more than what i did at the undergrad level. But the best part is that is that i am here working with some of the great mind of the country. Beside, with the vibrant culture here at C-DAC(N) it is not all work and not to play.

      I also engage in fun student activities well . It also given me opportunites to arrange many movements in my hostl as well.

      According to me it is the tough of the programme that really one life in C-DAC(n) togeteher with the expirence of best learning.
      I has found my calling and i am also i am very clear in my mind about how i can my MCA degree to follow my passion.

      It is very important to have big dream of what is want to do in life and then pursue it.

      Search where i passionate sometime is may not ur dream fulfilled but is should continue in ur pursuit.

      I am a man for many season. If anything that distinguish myself from others is my fleeting interactin and my wit not to hurt anyone.

      Beside this, i work pretty early on projects as soon as possible.

      A bit of initiative, oppurtinity, luck landed me, till now is best in my programming part. Which Ipersonally feel i could on a much higher plane owing to my extrovert nature in C-DAC hostel.

      In C-DAC I have structured plan at the back of my mind to took at every opportunity as soon that could strenghten my candidature fo my IT career.

      Extracurricalars activities have always been part fo my pursuits and i belives that i am evolve holistacaly as a person owing to the diversity till which i lernt.
      One of the great experice till to tackle the confliciting priorites and keenness to strtech is the best part of C-DAC(N).
      At the end of first year this is my experience in C-DAC(N) Hostel and in college.

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