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An American Thanksgiving With The Spaniards…

a conscious appetite

…Germans and one little Swiss!

Boy oh boy.  Picture this.  I’m lying in bed, mostly horizontal, computer on my lap, basically immobilized from thorough food consumption for the last two days.

I hope know many of you can empathize.

I may fall into a food coma soon, therefore I’m attempting to get as much down on paper before that happens.

Bf and I introduced “American Thanksgiving” to our Spanish friends last year.  They were so delighted by the traditional fare (plus overwhelmed and stuffed!) that we repeated our feast again this year!

Bf and I pre-ordered another beautiful fresh turkey from our local butcher, brined “Rocky II” overnight and did the bulk of the cooking.  Our friends provided the beer, cava, wine, after-dinner aperitifs, dessert and their excellent company!

This is dear bf’s plate…first plate that is.  He started out light.  Heh.

What’s on the menu:

Roasted Turkey, Mushroom Gravy…

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Çanakkale // Gallipoli


At breakfast, we were informed that the day would include a 6-hour busride to Izmir. The day did end up including this 6-hour busride, but the first part of our day involved taking a ferry across the Dardanelles to the Gallipoli peninsula of World War I fame. British and colonial forces attempted to capture Constantinople (it wasn’t Istanbul yet, since the Ottoman Empire hadn’t fallen) and to secure a route that would enable them to relieve their Russian allies, but by the strength, perseverance, and bravery of the Ottoman soldiers from all around the Empire, the enemy forces were defeated. The Gallipoli campaign corresponded to the rise of Ataturk, who rose to military prominence and gained attention as a national hero for his role in the war.

The size of the memorials and the force of the museum we visited were impressive – the museum involved an 11-room video reenactment…

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Ben Swann: “No Country Would Tolerate Missiles From Outside Borders” U.S. Hypocrisy?

Is Verizon turning 3G into a prepaid-only service?


Verizon Wireless(s vz)(s vod) is hardly the must gung ho carrier when it comes to prepaid service. Though it hosts a few million contract-free subscribers on its 2G and 3G networks, it chooses to focus on the high-dollar contract users and its brand spanking new LTE data network. But before the Thanksgiving holiday kicked off Verizon did a funny thing: It started courting prepaid subscribers with a double-data promotional offer.

First spotted by FierceWireless, the deal gives customers signing up for its $80 unlimited-talk-and-text smartphone plans 2 GB of data to consume each month rather than just the standard 1 GB. The major catch is that data must come off its 3G network — no LTE phones allowed. After years of ceding prepaid to its competitors has Verizon finally seen the light of contract-free mobility? If it has, then Verizon is attacking prepaid in a strange way. Even with…

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Why are Android users less engaged than iOS users?


Android (s goog) has raced ahead of iOS (s aapl) in smartphone share but it continues to fall behind in usage and engagement in the U.S. The latest data from IBM (s ibm) on Black Friday shopping traffic underscores just how much iOS outperforms Android. Asymco has some good charts that highlight the engagement gap.

IBM said that 77 percent of mobile traffic on Black Friday came from iOS devices. This despite the fact that Comscore said that Android has 52.5 percent of smartphone subscribers while iOS has 34.3 percent. Some of it comes down to the iPad, which is still the dominant tablet and produces the most traffic compared to iPhones and Android phones. But like the iPhone, the iPad exhibits outsized usage patterns beyond its actual marketshare. Gartner said in the third quarter, iPad shipments have dropped to 50.4 percent. But IBM said it contributed 88 percent of the…

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Tarkan – Hatasız Kul Olmaz 2012

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