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Google introduces natural language search and machine recognition for photos

You know what photos we're searching for, right? (Image credit: Photographer / Shutterstock)

You know what photos we’re searching for, right? (Image credit: Photographer / Shutterstock)

Search is increasingly becoming human. While users from my generation have been used to search operators like “and”, “or” and the plus and minus signs, search queries are becoming more and more natural language like. Take for instance Facebook‘s Open Graph search, which launched earlier this year with mixed reception. You can use natural language like “photos of my friends taken in Tokyo,” for instance.

Google has announced a better way to find photos, which uses natural language, as well as photo recognition. This new feature lets you search for photos within your Google+ network using simple queries. To make search even better, Google is now employing “computer vision and machine learning,” which will recognize even generic images based on their characteristics.

With this update, you can simply do a search for “my photos of flowers” and Google will come up with images of flowers from your Google+ photos. You can then add qualifiers to focus your search: “my photos of flowers in New York,” for instance. This has a few implications, of course. First, Google is moving toward doing away with tags and captions. With the new update, Google’s algorithms (neural networks?) will attempt to identify the image based on image recognition.

Photos of flowers from Google search

Product manager Matthew Kulick says this is limited to English searches within (no support for other country domains, yet), and when you are logged in via Google+.

Going beyond photo search, of course, the bigger implication that comes to mind is that this improvement will tie in well with Google Glass. With Google improving its image recognition technologyand having an improved ability in recognizing faces and objects, tying this in with persistent photo and video captured through wearable computers will become a rich source of data and analytics for the search giant.



English: 1953 Ford F-100 pickup truck Category...

English: 1953 Ford F-100 pickup truck Category:Ford F-100 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The FORD F series Pickups in Qatar are slowly yet steadily becoming one of the top scorers in car market of Qatar. These pickups are well known in the Qatar markets for their enhanced utility and sheer performance. Their sales jumped 194% in the month of December in 2012 and the series became one of the most popular in Qatar. The brand of Ford has been counting on the series to challenge the Toyota and its monopolization in the Qatar car market. The F series defeated all other cars of Ford series to secure 6th position in the month of December in number of sold pieces in Qatar.


The body built of the F series vehicle is absolutely brilliant. It is delight to drive. The car has been one of the most popular and successful cars in the history of United States and Canada. The car comes with front engine. It is a full size pickup meant for all utility purposes. The Ford F series recorded a sale of 420 units in the year 2012. The annual growth in sales was recorded at 2.7%. The F series stood at number 43 in the annual list of top car sales in Qatar.


The car market in Qatar is defined by the combination of comfort, luxury, performance and smooth riding experience. And Ford has been trying to add the factor of utility to the list and has been partially successful with this F series. The F series was able to challenge pure luxury SUV’s like Camry and other Nissan Sedans. The rate of increase in the Car sales in Qatar is brilliant and with the present pace, it has the potential to become one of the largest markets for luxury cum utility vehicles. And Ford F series will surely be a top scorer in the Qatar car market.





Qatar has been fast developing as a large market for luxury cars. Car sales in Qatar have been going up at a very fast pace. The car market in Qatar thrives on two scales- luxury coupled with performance. The Qatari royals are a fond of luxury and the business class loves performance. And the cars which have both are the one with maximum number of car sales in Qatar. With brands like Toyota, Rolls Royce and ford devoting a lot of attention towards this developing yet prosperous market, the choice seems to be clear. Luxury along with performance is the key to success in this market.


Toyota Land Cruiser along with the Hilux from the same brand, are the cars with most number of sales in the market. These cars have been able to perform very well in the year 2012 with more than 15000 sales together. The Qatari market has also accepted the Rolls Royce Ghost car with appreciation. The car brand has designated the market as 5th most promising and performing market. Toyota Prado comes third when it comes to maximum number of sales in the year. There are four Toyota cars in the top five cars with maximum number of sales. The only non- Toyota car in the car market in Qatar is the Hyundai Santa Fe. The other cars in the top ten list are the Nissan Sunny, Nissan Patrol, Lexus  LX, Toyota Corolla and Nissan D22.


The car sales in Qatar highlight the fact that the market there is increasing for luxury cars. Toyota has understood this and thus, is the market leader with six out of top ten cars belonging to the brand. Car deals in Qatar favor Toyota due to its easy maintenance and high performance. Qatar is a promising market for other brands also.
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:: Qatar <3 ::

:: Qatar ❤ :: (Photo credit: » Zitona «)



TOYOTA Land Cruiser

Toyota Prius hybrid and G-Wiz

Toyota Prius hybrid and G-Wiz (Photo credit: Kaustav Bhattacharya)


TOYOTA Land Cruiser


Toyota Land Cruiser has yet again captured the market in Qatar with brilliant sales in the complete year of 2012. The car came out the car with most number of sales only to defeat the Toyota Hilux. The car is favored among the Qatari people due to its brilliant performance, great class and superb luxury. The car is the perfect luxury SUV for the people. The car was one of the most popular cars in 2011 also. Toyota, through Land Cruiser and Hilux has showed its clear intention to maintain its tight grip on the Qatar car market. The Qatar car sales are lead by these two Toyota cars. Thus, the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux have become favorites of Toyota car dealers as well as buyers.


Toyota is a famous Japaneese car maker with operations round the globe. It has been one of the largest car makers in the world. And in Qatar, car sales of Toyota have clearly established it as the monopolizing force in the segment.  The Toyota land cruiser has been developed as a five door SUV with a front engine. It has a four wheel drive system. It comes in Petrol as well as diesel variants. The SUV is considered as one of the most stylish SUV of its class. However, the car is famous in Qatar car market for its optimum performance and sheer luxury. The present variant of Toyota land Cruiser which is available in Qatar is better equipped for the safety of the occupants.


The car market in Qatar has always been defined by a combination of luxury and performance. Car sales of Toyota Land Cruiser in Qatar show that the car has been accepted by the Qatari royals as well as businessmen due to the fact that the combination is perfect in it.



Rolls Royce in Qatar

2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost

2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rolls Royce in Qatar


The fortunes of Roll Royce in Qatar have always been on top. The country has proven itself as a goldmine for the company. The Luxury car maker has continuously supplied expensive and customized vehicles to Qatari Royals and businessmen.  The cars of Rolls Royce have a special place in the markets of Qatar. The market, being a perfect one for highly luxurious and comfortable vehicles, has embraced Rolls Royce brand completely. Qatar has emerged as the 5th best performing market for Rolls Royce.  The cars like Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe are very well received along with Ghost which has established itself as the premier choice of the wealthy royals. One Qatari person even ordered a customized version of the Ghost, shedding a large amount of extra money.


When it comes to Qatar Cars, luxury is the prime choice for every buyer. Luxury coupled with comfort and supported by performance, this is all the Qatari people need and this what Qatari Car dealers sell. You can easily approach any Qatari car dealer to know more about Rolls Royce cars. The Drop head Coupe luxury car scores very high with young Qataris who love its comfort and style. The elegance of Rolls Royce Ghost is another option that has made Qatari business class addicted to luxury of the brand. Phantom also brings the factor of luxury with its magnificent design that makes your day. Its sheer performance coupled with comfortable spacing gives a perfect riding experience.


In Qatar, Rolls Royce seems to be hitting jackpot. The company has designated the market as one of the fastest growing for its brand and continues to devote more manpower to the same. Buying a Rolls Royce in Qatar is very easy as you can contact the Qatar car deals who will assist you with the purchase.
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