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9 Famous Quotes on Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar – GOD of Cricket
9 Famous Quotes on Sachin

1. “I want my son to become Sachin Tendulkar.” -Brian Lara(WI)

2. ”We did not lose 2 a team called India , we lost 2 a man called Sachin” – Mark Taylor(aus)

3. “Nothing bad can happen 2 us if we were on a plane in India wit Sachin Tendulkar on it.”-Hashim Amla(SA)

4. ”He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also. -Waqar Younis(Pak)

5. ”There r 2 kind of batsman in the world. 1. Sachin Tendulkar and 2. all the others .-Andy Flower(ZIM)

6. “I have seen God. He bats at no.4 for India in tests.-Matthew Hayden(AUS)

7. “I see myself when i see Sachin batting.-Don Bradman(AUS)

8. “Do your crime when Sachin is batting, bcos even God is busy watching his batting. -Australian Fan The Best One

9. Barack Obama – “I don’t know about cricket but still I watch cricket to see Sachin play..Not b’coz I love his play its b’coz I want to know the reason why my country’s production goes down by
5 percent when he’s batting”

Fast Tips for an Ultra-Strong Mindset:

#1. Associate only with people who think better + bigger than you (beliefs are contagious).

#2. No more news. No more mindless tv. No more trashy magazines. Our thinking reflects the influences we expose our brains to.

#3. Shift from ego to service. Focusing on inspiring and helping others releases the neurotransmitter dopamine (the motivation chemical).

#4. Try difficult things. The goal you are most resisting is the opportunity that will help shatter your limits and get your mindset to the next level of power. Go do it now.

And please remember, nothing changes in your life until you have the guts to start making changes.

And if not now, then when?


What your critics do?

Good Workout Motivation Advice [FITNESS FREAK]

How to Change The World (a short FB blog by u know who):

How to Change The World (a short FB blog by u know who):

#1. Change your world. (All you do each day reveals your deepest beliefs and your strongest values). Get better and you’ll do better.

#2. Aim higher. (Your life reflects your standards and what you’ve settled for. As you go for world-class, you uplift everyone around you).

#3. Be kind. (Sounds really obvious but not so commonly practiced. Little acts of brave kindness remind people to be human again).

#4. Get laughed at. (Stop being so reasonable and practical. the great ones were all called crazy before they were revered).

#5. Be patient. (Changing the world is a daily process. It happens one goal and one conversation at a time. Mastery takes years of devotion. But it’s worth it).

Hope this serves you. Hope I help you. Hope you use this. To CHANGE THE WORLD. Your fan always, Robin

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Today’s Music Inspiration [9]

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