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Celebrate your people

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What is a business? It is simply a group of people coming together to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Every company should celebrate their people. If you don’t have great people, you won’t have a great business. Thankfully at Virgin we attract the kind of people who really get the brand and want to help us make business a force for good. This week I have met so many of our team across our Australian businesses, and never cease to be amazed about their dedication, enthusiasm and sense of fun.

From crowdsurfing as Virgin Australia staff erformed a song they had written, to breakfast with Virgin Active, chats in the canteen with Virgin Money and parties with Virgin Mobile, it has been a rollercoaster ride around the country.

As well as sharing lots of laughs and posing for plenty of photos, it is always interesting to have conversations with our staff, hear their suggestions for improvements and plans for the future. There is a wonderful team spirit that binds us all together and that is what makes the difference – especially here in Australia.

It’s important to be flexible with staff, give them options and let them know their voices will be heard. Then you’ll find people will be more likely to stay and be loyal to the brand. We have people still working at Virgin who have been with us for decades, because of the culture and sense of fun we try to instil.

A great advantage of having a team who will do anything for each other is you can get through difficult moments as well as enjoying the good times. Virgin has almost faced oblivion many times in the past and we have always came out the other side by sticking together.

Too often companies forget that invigorated, motivated, happy staff having fun are the key to a business successful. Every company should celebrate their staff. If that involves a party or two, the more the better!



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