10 Facebook campaigns to inspire your business

With 750m users, Facebook needs little introduction. But the one question I hear repeatedly at conferences and events is from marketers seeking practical examples of how Facebook can be leveraged to lure in cash from customers.

So we’ve looked around, and dug out some of the most recent examples of Facebook being put into action for businesses. And here’s ten of the best.

Flowers from Facebook: 1-800 Flowers.com

“We use the quickness of the online world to promote 1-800 Flowers.com. We’re bringing back the nice tradition of giving flowers, in a way that fits the digital age. Collectively. As a group. Over Facebook.”

The agency responsible for this campaign was Miami Ad School Europe. And the client was online florist 1-800 Flowers.com.

The basis of the campaign was the speed at which Facebook can help spread a person’s birthday wishes. It crowdsources friends to buy a flower each to create a bunch, which is then sent using 1-800 Flowers.com’s same-day delivery service.

A friend downloads the app, and a banner appears on your friends’ newsfeed about the upcoming birthday, saying, “Make your birthday wish special and be part of [name]‘s Facebook bouquet.”

The birthday person’s friends are then taken to a micro-site where they can pick a flower and add a greeting. It should then become a full bouquet of virtual flowers, that by the end of the day become real.

The principle is simple and can be applied to other businesses too. It involves encouraging lots of people to club together to buy someone special a nice present.

http://www.bell-wort.com http://www.bellwort.co.in http://www.bellwort.in http://www.bellwort.net http://www.bellwort.org http://www.jaggi.in


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