Qatar has been fast developing as a large market for luxury cars. Car sales in Qatar have been going up at a very fast pace. The car market in Qatar thrives on two scales- luxury coupled with performance. The Qatari royals are a fond of luxury and the business class loves performance. And the cars which have both are the one with maximum number of car sales in Qatar. With brands like Toyota, Rolls Royce and ford devoting a lot of attention towards this developing yet prosperous market, the choice seems to be clear. Luxury along with performance is the key to success in this market.


Toyota Land Cruiser along with the Hilux from the same brand, are the cars with most number of sales in the market. These cars have been able to perform very well in the year 2012 with more than 15000 sales together. The Qatari market has also accepted the Rolls Royce Ghost car with appreciation. The car brand has designated the market as 5th most promising and performing market. Toyota Prado comes third when it comes to maximum number of sales in the year. There are four Toyota cars in the top five cars with maximum number of sales. The only non- Toyota car in the car market in Qatar is the Hyundai Santa Fe. The other cars in the top ten list are the Nissan Sunny, Nissan Patrol, Lexus  LX, Toyota Corolla and Nissan D22.


The car sales in Qatar highlight the fact that the market there is increasing for luxury cars. Toyota has understood this and thus, is the market leader with six out of top ten cars belonging to the brand. Car deals in Qatar favor Toyota due to its easy maintenance and high performance. Qatar is a promising market for other brands also.
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:: Qatar ❤ :: (Photo credit: » Zitona «)




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