How to Change The World (a short FB blog by u know who):

How to Change The World (a short FB blog by u know who):

#1. Change your world. (All you do each day reveals your deepest beliefs and your strongest values). Get better and you’ll do better.

#2. Aim higher. (Your life reflects your standards and what you’ve settled for. As you go for world-class, you uplift everyone around you).

#3. Be kind. (Sounds really obvious but not so commonly practiced. Little acts of brave kindness remind people to be human again).

#4. Get laughed at. (Stop being so reasonable and practical. the great ones were all called crazy before they were revered).

#5. Be patient. (Changing the world is a daily process. It happens one goal and one conversation at a time. Mastery takes years of devotion. But it’s worth it).

Hope this serves you. Hope I help you. Hope you use this. To CHANGE THE WORLD. Your fan always, Robin

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