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Maruti Suzuki unveils India’s first Life Utility Vehicle – ‘Ertiga’

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. L...

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Later the logo of Suzuki Motor Corp. was also added to it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Maruti ERTIGA (Photo credit: Balaji.B)

Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited, unveiled industry’s first Life Utility Vehicle– Ertiga here today. With Ertiga, the Company formally announced its much awaited entry in the Utility Vehicle (UV) segment. Ertiga strengthens the product portfolio of the market leader and also creates an all new Life Utility segment at an attractive price point.

In recent years, MPVs have emerged as the fastest growing sub-segment among UVs, showing a growth of around 20 percent (3-year CAGR). MPVs presently account for around 10 % share of the Indian automobile industry. Ertiga is positioned as a Life Utility Vehicle.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. S. Nakanishi, Managing Director and CEO said,“Ertiga is a major step forward for Maruti Suzuki. Many urban families in India are now looking for a vehicle that offers more space and flexibility than a sedan, without being bulky, bland and expensive like a Utility Vehicle.These families are currently having to compromise, and settle for a vehicle which does not meet their lifestyle needs. The Ertiga is designed for these customers. Itis another example of our ability to pack power, performance, space and features in a compact package.”

Global launch

Designed primarily for India at Suzuki, Japan, Ertiga represents aspirations of young urban Indian families that are active and connected. It also displays Suzuki’s ability to bring compactness, style and high fuel efficiency to Utility Vehicles. India is the first market to sell Ertiga, followed by other South East Asian markets.

Ertiga: A unique package

On the first glimpse, the Ertiga displays the distinct UV outline, but under the monocoque frame lies the car DNA which makes Ertiga special.

The Ertiga is an attractive option for customers looking to upgrade to a sedan. Besides, families who had to earlier settle for Utility Vehicles now have an option that is stylish, plush, spacious and attractively priced.

The initial test drive reports on Ertiga have complemented its car like ride and handling capabilities while offering UV like space, and power, performance, fuel efficiency.

It is stylish and contemporary, not huge and overbearing
Offers flexi-seating to accommodate 5+2 people (2+3+2) and a lot of baggage
Compact, easy to drive, park and maneuver.
Plush interiors and upscale features
High on performance
Having set the highest benchmarks across segments on ‘lowest cost of ownership’, Ertiga simply expands the experience in terms of fuel efficiency.
Attractively priced
Technical Specifications
Length: 4265mm
Width: 1695mm
Wheel base:2740 mm
3-row flexi-seating (5+2) = 7 seating with 240mm sliding (For 1st& 2nd row)
Cargo Space: Flexible 135Ltr (7Seating mode) to 735ltr (2 Seating mode)
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Ground clearance: 185 mm
Turning radius: 5.2 mm
Gross vehicle weight: 1760 Kg (Petrol) to1845 kg (Diesel)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 45 litres
Suspension: McPherson Struts (front) and torsion beam (rear)
Tyres:185/65R15 (Alloy on Z trim)
Safety: Front Dual SRS airbags
ABS with Brake assist & EBD
Security alarm
Technology beast

Ertiga carries forward the sporty, dynamic, bold and aggressive design philosophy of Swift platform. Under the hood of the petrol variant lies the all new powerful K-Series, 1373cc VVT (K14B) engine.The diesel variant is powered by the highly acclaimed 1248cc DDiS VGT engine.

Unveiling K14B Engine

With the K14B unveiling, Maruti Suzuki strengthens its acclaimed K-series engine portfolio. K14B is the third engine in the K-series technology introduced by Maruti Suzuki. The earlier K-series engines, K10B and K12M, power most of the Company’s high selling models.

K14B carries forward the trusted and tested attributes of K-series engine technology such as light weightedness, high fuel efficiency, excellent power, low running and maintenance costs, and low noise, vibration and harshness.

Engine Power Torque Fuel Efficiency *
Petrol K14B1373 cc VVT 95ps@6000rpm 130nm@4000rpm 16.02 kmpl
Diesel D13A 1248cc DDiS VGT 90ps@4000rpm 200nm@1750rpm 20.77 kmpl
* test results as per Rule 115 of CMVR


Body Color & Variants
Ertiga is offered in six trim levels (LXi, VXi, ZXi(Petrol)&LDi, VDi, ZDi(Diesel) and seven colours:


Character Colour : Serene Blue Ecru Beige Firebrick Red Granite Grey
Dusky Brown Superior White Silky Silver


Introductory Price Ex-showroom, Delhi (Rs in lakh)


Variant Price Variant Price
Ertiga LXi 5.89 Ertiga LDi 7.30
Ertiga Vxi 6.60 Ertiga VDi 7.90
Ertiga Zxi 7.30 Ertiga ZDi 8.54

Which is the car – Ertiga or LUV?

Suzuki introduces the concept for LUV, or ‘Life Utility Vehicle’ with Ertiga.

The launch ad, a lavish and extravagant double spread in leading newspapers, has a headline which launches the concept of LUV: “Live life with LUV”, it says.

The subhead says: “Presenting ERTIGA. The Life Utility Vehicle.”

Up to this point, one is clear that the car model is called Ertiga, and Life Utility Vehicle is a descriptor.

The confusion begins when one gets to the body copy. “LUV is not just a car. It is a Life Utility Vehicle designed to help you do all the things you love, with a little more love. And it is here in India before anywhere else in the world. So you can experience this feeling called LUV before the rest of the world does.”

The highlights of the car are then listed. “LUV is flexible. 5 +2 flexi-seating. LUV is powerful. 95 PS in petrol & 90 PS in diesel. LUV goes further. 16.02* km/l in petrol and 20.77* km/l in diesel. LUV is accommodating. Roominess in a compact design. LUV is comforting. 2nd row AC.”

The autosuggestion, because LUV as an acronym is so close to the industry standard acronym SUV for Sports Utility Vehicle, is that LUV is a path-breaking new category from Suzuki.

The headline, the subhead and the body copy, however, suggest that LUV is a brand, not a category, not a descriptor.

The SUV, for example, is an acronym that can be used for any sports utility vehicle by any manufacturer, just as any manufacturer can call a sedan a sedan or a saloon a saloon.

Suzuki has trademarked LUV, so it’s an acronym that they have felt the need to own. The way that they have gone about it in the launch campaign makes it more the name of the car, rather than a new category, of which Ertiga is the first.

LUV should have been about a particular new kind of car, rather than about a particular car. The moment Suzuki detailed the specifications, LUV became a defined car model. The highlights of LUV should have been “LUV gives you flexi-seating, LUV is powerful. LUV gives great mileage. LUV is accommodating. LUV cools the entire car.”

The thought was large – that of creating a category which they could ‘own’. Where the campaign gets hazy and goes wrong is in their effort to club two launches into one – the launch of the concept, LUV, and the launch of the first offering in the LUV class, Ertiga.

What Suzuki should have done is to launch LUV, the new category as defined by cars with flexi-seating, great mileage, great power and efficient air-conditioning, and followed that up with the launch of the first car in the LUV class, the Ertiga.

The way both LUV and Ertiga have been launched, there’s confusion. Is one buying the LUV or the Ertiga? Or both?

Thanks to Hindu.

Analysts see Ertiga driving Maruti

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. L...

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Later the logo of Suzuki Motor Corp. was also added to it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Maruti ERTIGA (Photo credit: Balaji.B)

Ertiga, the newest offering from the Maruti Suzuki stable that aims to create a new segment within the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) space, has got a huge thumbs-up from analysts.

They feel with Ertiga, the company has a strong product in terms of value of money, design, mileage and pricing, which would give it a strong footing in the 370,000 unit per annum utility vehicle (UV) market, where it did not have a presence. With an attractive introductory price proposition (Rs589,000 -845,000), Ertiga poses a challenge to current leaders Toyota’s Innova (starting price: Rs914,000) and M&M’s Xylo (starting price: Rs734,000).

Toyota and M&M have a combined volume of 9,000 units per month. While Maruti is targeting 4,000-5,000 units per month, analysts see it selling 2,000-3,000 units.

Kaushal Maroo and Keyur Vora, analysts, Religare Capital Markets, said, “The Ertiga will occupy a niche between premium hatchbacks and larger utility vehicles. Given its brand equity and reach, we expect the Ertiga to clock a monthly run-rate of 3,000 units.”

MPVs accounts for 10% of the total passenger vehicle market and in the past three years have outpaced car volume growth. According to industry estimates, about 10 million vehicle owners are looking for an upgrade, which spells a huge opportunity for Ertiga.

Hitesh Goel, analyst, Kotak Institutional Equities Research, said, “It could be attractive for a customer who is buying Xylo, Sumo Grande and Tavera as it is more compact and offers better value than these models (better fuel efficiency and lower price). However, Ertiga is under-powered compared with Xylo and Innova.”

Maruti is looking to differentiate the vehicle on two counts—its sedan-like handling, better driveability and fuel efficiency —16.02 / 20.77kmpl for petrol/diesel variants.

Jatin Chawla and Akshay Saxena, research analysts, Credit Suisse, said, “The Ertiga is around 30% lighter than the Xylo. Hence, despite its significantly smaller 1.3 litre diesel engine than Xylo’s 2.5 litre engine, the differences in power and torque are not as significant. Moreover, the Ertiga is built on a monocoque design (like the XUV), compared to a body on a frame chassis in the Xylo. Hence, the handling is much better, which should appeal to the personal segment.”

However, the competition would follow soon.

While Renault is introducing compact SUV Duster, Ford is bringing in the EcoSport, Nissan is coming with Evalia, M&M mini Xylo and GM is planning a new MPV.

“These products are likely to be priced between Rs 600,000 and Rs 10,00,000,” said Aditya Makharia and Ritesh Gupta, analysts, JPMorgan.

Deepak Jain, equity research, MF Global, said a number of compact MPVs are to be launched this fiscal but the Ertiga’s launch provides Maruti a head-start.

Meanwhile, Maruti will start exporting Ertiga to Indonesia by end of the next month.

Ertiga, Maruti Suzuki :-Compact SUV

Maruti Suzuki has just released the teaser images of its all-new premium compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) – the Ertiga. The newest MPV from Maruti is slated for its official debut at the upcoming 2012 Auto Expo, which will be held in New Delhi from January 5-11. The Ertiga MPV, when officially launched will be available in both petrol and diesel variants, with the latter being sourced from Fiat India. The petrol variant will be powered by a 1.4-litre K series powerplant that produces 95PS of power and 128Nm of torque, while the diesel variant will don a 1.3-litre Fiatengine that will produce less power than the petrol car.

Along with the Ertiga, Maruti Suzuki will also be showcasing a new concept compact SUV that will take about two years to be production-ready and will also present the brand new K-14 VVT engine technology at the upcoming 2012 Auto Expo.

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. L...

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Later the logo of Suzuki Motor Corp. was also added to it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maruti Ertiga:- All models

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. L...

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Later the logo of Suzuki Motor Corp. was also added to it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the launch of Maruti Ertiga, earlier codenamed as Maruti R3, Maruti Suzuki India has taken into its ambit almost all car segments. Following the robust branding and low maintenance nature of Maruti cars, Maruti Ertiga has hit bang on the MPV market of India. Seven seater Maruti Ertiga is tagged as the great Indian family car. This can be also attributed to the effective price tag associated with Ertiga MPV. The new MPV received its name from Indonesian language in which Ertiga means Three Rows. Albeit the looks and features scream that it is a Multi Purpose Vehicle, Ertiga is positioned in the sub-segment of Utility vehicles and this new segment is called asLUV-Life Utility Vehicle by Maruti. With this, Maruti officials claim they have created an entirely new segment in the Indian auto industry.


Ertiga’s launch has also announced Maruti’s entry into the utility segment of cars where the company is currently not a major player. Maruti in India has a bee-line of cars including some of the best selling ones in almost every segment. It has Maruti Gypsy and Maruti Grand Vitara in the SUV segment; however these have meager sales as compared to SUVs of other brands. Besides, there are vans including Maruti Omni and Maruti Eeco that provide good option and are value for money cars but still used mainly be fleet owners. Ertiga is the first utility vehicle which is targeted as a premium product and is equipped with such features which attract urban audience.


Maruti Ertiga was first unveiled at the Auto Expo held in New Delhi in 2010 as Maruti R3 concept. However, the global premier of Maruti Ertiga was done in 2012 Auto Expo. Finally, on April 12th, 2012, Ertiga made its global debut in Delhi. Ertiga is the first Maruti car that is specially made for Indian market and will then be trimmed for other global markets. Rest, all the cars were first launched in other countries and where tailor made for India afterwards. The compact LUV has been developed in collaboration with parent Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC)’s research and design wing in Japan and is produced in India itself. The Ertiga is manufactured at company’s facility in Gurgaon in India. Maruti Suzuki has vested nearly Rs 430 crore (Rs 4.3 billion) in developing Ertiga. The designers have carefully built in `features and attributes’ of a sedan in a compact MPV Maruti Ertiga which is essentially built on theme of togetherness.


The almost fully grown seven-seater MPV or rather, LUV, is available in both petrol and diesel variants and three different trims. Based on Maruti Swift’s platform, Maruti Ertiga petrol is packed with an all new 1.4 litre 1372cc K series (K14B) engine that produces a maximum power of 95 Ps at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 130 Nm at 4000 rpm. Being the K-Series engine, the USP of these engines is that they are more fuel efficient. The Certified fuel efficiency (as per CMV Rule 155, India cycle) of Petrol Ertiga is a top of the class 16.02 km per litre. The 1.3 L 1196cc DDiS Super Turbo diesel engine is the other engine guise that powers the LUV. This Fiat sourced engine is similar to that of the Maruti SX4 sedan. The Maruti Ertiga diesel produces 90 Ps at 4000 rpm and 200 Nm at 1750 rpm. The Certified fuel efficiency (CMV Rule 155, India cycle) of Diesel Ertiga is a class leading 20.77 kmpl. Maruti MPV has a five speed manual transmission system and the car is a front wheel drive and sports fine quality interiors, which makes it more appealing.


Ertiga is quite space efficient and will boast of its interior spacing within the mini MPV segment with 4265mm in length and 2740 mm wheelbase. Two airbags will adorn the top end models while ABS will be a part of standard equipment in Ertiga sans base model. Ertiga MPV is available in six variants: LXi, VXi, ZXi, LDi, VDi and ZDi. The middle and top end variants get twin AC, 3 spoke tilt-power steering with mounted controls, power windows with auto down on driver’s side, central locking, audio system (USB Compatible, 4+2 speakers), multi information display, keyless entry, etc are stuffed in Maruti Ertiga. The roof mounted AC vents in the second and the last row passenger seats provides passenger comfort. The new MPV is unquestionably designed to ensnare the Indian families who are specially looking for a perfect merger of everyday space and usability. This car is able to meet all life’s expectations.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Lxi

Mahindra Xylo

Mahindra Xylo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Red Bull Maruti Swift (Suzuki Swift).

Red Bull Maruti Swift (Suzuki Swift). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Price: Rs. 589000 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

On Road Price will include Registration, Road Tax, Logistics and Insurance cost

LUV – Life Utility Vehicle – Ertiga is positioned as LUV by Maruti Suzuki India. Launched as first MPV – Multi Purpose Vehicle of Maruti Suzuki – Ertiga has been launched against recent facelifted Mahindra Xylo and Toyota Innova

Maruti Ertiga is available in 7 seater option n comes in both Petrol and Diesel Fuel. Ertiga Petrol is powered with 1.4 Litre K Series Engine delivering 95 BHP of power. Ertiga Diesel is powered with 1.3 Litre Turbocharged diesel engine delivering 90 BHP of Power. From the looks – Ertiga looks as extended Maruti Ritz – however Ertiga yet has its own appeal.

Color Options in Maruti Ertiga

Ertiga comes in 7 color Options – Serene Blue, White, Dusky

Power Steering, Manual Central Lock, Body Colored Bumpers, Height Adjustable Driver and Front Passenger Seats, 4 Inbuilt Speaker however there is no music system, Digital Fuel Indicator, Chrome Finish on Front Grille

There are no Rear AC Vents in Base Model of Ertiga

Engine Capacity cc – 1373

Power bhp – 95

Fuel Type – Petrol

Fuel Economy

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Lxi ARAI Mileage – 16 kmpl


Length mm – 4265

Width mm – 1480

Height mm – 1685

Ground Clearence mm – 185

Headroom cm –

Fuel Tank lit – 45

Boot Capacity lit –




Maruti Ertiga Vs Mahindra Xylo Vs Toyota Innova

The rear of a first generation Toyota Innova, ...

The rear of a first generation Toyota Innova, in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. L...

The old logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Later the logo of Suzuki Motor Corp. was also added to it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With planned launch of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, recent facelift of Mahindra Xylo – the MPV Segment has become hot with options from Ertiga to Xylo to Innova. Compare Cars to figure out the best car. Ertiga and Xylo comes in 7 seater i.e 5+2 while Innova also comes in both 7 seater and 8 seater.

Option and Variants – Ertiga and Innova comes in both Petrol and Diesel Option. Mahindra Xylo comes only in Diesel Option. However, in MPV segment, diesel engine accounts for over 70% of the sales. Hence, it would be wise to compare all 3 cars in Diesel Option.

Engine – Eritga Models – Lxi, Vxi and Zxi having K Series 1.4 Litre Petrol Engine, while Diesel has 1.3 Litre DDIS Engine as similar to Sx4 having models as Ldi, Vdi and Zdi. Xylo comes in 3 Engine – 2.5 Litre Mdi Engine(for base models of D2 and D4), 2.5 Litre M-Eagle Engine for its middle models (E4 and E8) and 2.1 Litre M-Hawk Engine for top end model E9. Toyota Innova comes in 2 Litre Petrol and 2.5 Litre Diesel Engine.

Power – Toyota Innova Petrol delivers 132 BHP power, while Diesel Innova gives 102 BHP of power. Mahindra Xylo in Mdi Engine delivers 95 BHP in Mdi Engine, 112 BHP in M-Eagle and 120 BHP in M-Hawk Engine. Maruti Ertiga will deliver 95 BHP in Petrol and 90 BHP in Diesel Engine.


Toyota Innova has dimensions – Length mm – 4585, Width mm – 1770, Height mm – 1755

Mahindra Xylo has dimensions – Length mm – 4520, Width mm – 1850, Height mm – 1895

Maruti Ertiga has dimensions – Length mm – 4265, Width mm – 1695, Height mm – 1685

Mileage – Ertiga Mileage expected to be 16 kmpl in Petrol and 21 Kmpl in Diesel Engine. Toyota Innova gives mileage of 10 kmpl in Petrol and 13.5 kmpl in Diesel. Mahindra Xylo gives mileage of 14.88 kmpl in D2 and D4, 11.7 kmpl in E4 and E8 and 14.01 kmpl in E9 Model

Price – Toyota Innova price for Petrol Starts as Rs. 9.38 Lac for Petrol and goes till Rs. 12.54 Lac for top end Vx Petrol. While Diesel Innova starts for Rs. 9.91 Lac and goes till Rs. 13.15 Lac for top end Diesel. Xylo has price starting from Rs. 7.38 Lac for base model D2 in Mdi Engine, 8.11 Lac in M-Eagle Engine for E4 and top model E9 having Scorpio M-Hawk Engine at Rs. 10.25 Lac. Ertiga Price expect to start from Rs. 7 Lac to Rs. 9 Lac for top end Diesel.

Recent News – Maruti Ertiga Price

Maruti has launched Ertiga at starting price of Rs. 5.89 Lac for Base Model Petrol. The Top End Diesel Model of Ertiga will cost Rs. 8.45 Lac . Stated Prices are Exshowroom Delhi. Its a highly competitive price even beating the estimates. We expect Ertiga to be a huge success keeping in the factor of Price, Mileage and backing of network of Maruti Suzuki.

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