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Is B2B that different from B2C? This is the topic of a discussion on my LinkedIn page.  It used to be.  But, for example, if you’re buying a WordPress theme for your business website, it’s unlikely that you’d be calling a salesperson for a quote.  You’re more likely to ask around and buy it yourself – self-service in fact.  Same with a hosting solution for a corporate server.  So is online self-service the next big leap? And in that case, just like B2C, wouldn’t a lot depend on brand and pull-marketing rather than feet-on-street Sales? Will road-warriors be a thing of past as early as 2020?
In India there’s a new party on the political landscape and like all start-ups is going through growth pangs even as it shakes up the existing norms.  I couldn’t resist writing a brand blueprint for the Aam Aadmi Party – here it is.  (Next week am thinking of doing a take on the Congress Party – a mature brand.)
We’re working on our first CXO Roundtable – Jan 21st at Masala Library, BKC, Mumbai! It’s on how we can socialize business and is open to all CXOs – because it takes the whole organization to make the enterprise social.  As social commerce becomes a reality, it’s really important that CIOs, CMOs, CSOs, COOs and others sit together and figure out what’s required to manage the customer as an integrated entity.  On Jan 24th, you’ll see us at DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon at Made in Punjab, for the second in our successful CMO Roundtable series with Adobe. These are smaller format programs and to avoid crowding your mailbox we only send invitations to a limited number of people – so if you’re a CXO interested in these topics pls ping me.
Things are coming along nicely for our 2nd Annual Great Indian IT Marketing Summit on Feb 11 at the Leela Palace, Bangalore.  With ITSMA as our knowledge partner and with a host of CMOs from global firms such as Cognizant, HCL, IBM, iGATE, Infosys, Mahindra Satyam, TCS it’s the place to be for IT marketers in India.Register at our discounted price of Rs 5000 today.
I’m also excited to announce the launch of our first research report of the year.  Sponsored by SAP and with over 600 respondents it gives you a sense of the ground realities.  A surprise finding is that less than half are looking at customer experience as a key focus – the full report is here. January is the time for new beginnings – never too late to align your plans to the future!  And make the customer the real center of your universe.
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