Finally, make sense of your drug info: A first look at a company inspired by a TED Talk

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SinceTheTalk-ThomasGoetzExecution. A word that gives me the willies not because I picture a Westerosi royal beheader coming for my neck, but because it conjures images of budgets and bottom lines. Seriously, why can’t I just think for a living? When you live in a world of ideas, turning passion into a product is no easy feat, and it’s admirable when anyone has the guts to get out of the armchair and into Excel. But nonetheless act we must — and so it goes for TED speaker Thomas Goetz, who left Wired last January after 12 years to start his own company, and who has just launched his first product.

[ted_talkteaser id=1060]In his TEDMED talk, Goetz — who has a masters in public health and wrote the book The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the Era of Personalized Medicine — spoke about what to do in the…

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