Zombie School (Sijo)

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zombie school

With peeling skin and open sores, this old school is a zombie – /
Dragging bare bones, seeking prey, creeping nightly in my brain. /
Who could have known I’d be devoured by memories and regrets //


The sijo is a song-like poetic form which originated in Korea during the Goryeo Kingdom (918–1392).

The Sejong Cultural Society says that “the sijo may tell a story (as the ballad does), examine an idea (as the sonnet does), or express an emotion (as the lyric does).” The sijo’s final line begins with a “twist”: “a surprise of meaning, sound, or other device” and concludes with a profound observation or highly emotional note.

There are three lines which average 14-16 syllables. The final count is 44-16 syllables.  Line one introduces the theme; line two elaborates on the theme. Line three introduces a counter-theme and concludes with a “twist”. Each line…

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