Mobile industry 2012 segment analysis

Few industries change at the pace mobile does. Whether it’s the iPhone 5, the importance of LTE, or BYOD trends disrupting the enterprise, there are always new technologies, trends, and companies changing the way we define mobile. Here, GigaOM Pro highlights a few segments of the mobile industry that will be important to watch in the coming months, from location-based shopping to wireless networks, and new business models for carriers.

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  1. Table of contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Fresh opportunities for the mobile handset market — by Tara Seals
    1. Trends to watch
    2. Companies to watch
    3. What’s next
  4. Finding a niche in the app marketplace — by Derek Kerton
    1. Current market
    2. Trends to watch
    3. Companies to watch
    4. Future considerations
  5. The new service provider: mobile in a post-cellular world — by Colin Gibbs
    1. Mobile carriers: a market ripe for disruption
    2. The emergence of new business models
    3. Trends to watch
    4. Companies to watch
    5. Conclusions
  6. The evolving mobile network: from slide-deck presentations to deployment — by Monica Paolini
    1. Beyond LTE and HSPA
    2. Emerging consensus
    3. Implementing change: deploying small cells
    4. Implementing change: more open questions and innovation
  7. How to win the location-based shopping war — by Laurie Lamberth
    1. Current market
    2. Market size
    3. Trends to watch
    4. Companies to watch
    5. Looking ahead
  8. About the authors
  9. About GigaOM Pro
  10. Further reading

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