5 ways to be happy, and 5 ways to do it right.

Just think of it this way...

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

1. Alright, first off if you want to be happy be happy… Seriously it’s that easy. Of course you’ll need to know how and have the means to pursue but… It really is up to you personally.

If you stop and seriously think about ANY situation you’re in, you could see the humor in it. Even if you have to think of it from an assholes perspective, you could find the humor.

To be happy is universally, a smile. About anything. That’s why some of the best; Carlin, Pryor, Chappelle, they made fun of everything and everybody including themselves.

1.1 This approach generally works best if you are just whiny and actually can afford to live. Seriously if you have an income that allows you to live independently and you’re not happy then just be happy. Be happy you aren’t homeless, starving, in jail, at war…

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