Long Awkward Pause On Coffee


Howard Ganz here, manager of Long Awkward Pause, and I’m excited to introduce this week’s topic:


It was sent in to us from Sandy Osorno and reads;

“Hi Christopher, Julie here, just an out coffeeholic and a reader of your website. 🙂 I came across this great infographic about America’s addiction on this lovely drink, revealing how much caffeine you get in different types of coffee and products: http://www.topcounselingschools.org/is-america-a-nation-of-java-junkies/. Since I’ve noticed you published something similar some time ago, I thought you can make good use of this, as well. Have a wonderful day! J.”

What is confusing is that the message was sent from Sandy Osorno, but in the body of the message someone named Julie identifies herself. This can only be exampled by one of three theories:

1) Sandy/Julie has split personalities
2) Sandy/Julie is a spambot
3) Sandy/Julie is a spambot with split personalities

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