I Like A Girl Who Reads

Tip of My Tongue

Ladies (and gentlemen), please allow me to introduce you to one of the sexiest men alive: Mark Grist.

Why does Mark deserve this title? He’s a teacher, a poet, and a general bad ass. He lies right on the line between rap battles and board games. (He’s excellent at both; check his web site for the proof!) Most of all, he likes smart women and writes poems in their honor.

If you watch one video today, make it this one. This is some seriously stellar spoken word. I’ll be playing it for my someday children as an example of the kind of partner worth seeking out. It’s got reading, love, and even some T&A! If that’s still not enough to draw you in, I’ll give you a little preview:

“So, what do you go for in a girl?”
He crows, lifting a lager to his lips
Gestures where his…

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