Forget Kansas, What’s the Matter With Ohio?

I have always thought of Ohio as the home of eminently sane, down-to-earth reasonableness.  It’s the state that gave us columnist Gail Collins, whose gentle humor kept me from stabbing myself in the face with a spork during the 2008 Democratic primaries.  The state gave us eight presidents, four of them portly and sporting really impressive beards that would totally work if they were having a beer in a Brooklyn hipster club.  It gave us Paul Newman, Woody Harrelson and Julie Haggerty.  It gave us E.T. (Spielberg) and the Cathy comics.  My chiropractor aunt and her nutritionist husband spent some time living lovely, polite, reasonable lives there.  The biggest paper in Cleveland is called the Plain Dealer, for crying out loud.  These are generally nice people who are, on balance, probably more emotionally conservative than they are socially conservative.  Which is not to say that they aren’t socially conservative…

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