Born to avert another 26/11, Heuristics Info Systems offers location based security systems

Sometimes opportunities knock at our door at the wildest of circumstances and take us off guard. For Amit Dubey and his team members at Heuristics Info, this happened with 26\11 Mumbai terrorist attacks. During this unfortunate incident the police was late to learn about the attacks and in the interim Railway Protection Force (RPF) guards were left at the mercy of the AK47s against their normal weapons.


Heuristics Info System Pvt Ltd has emerged as a leading company in the field of location-based products, solutions and services. It offers VTS and Mobile Application software and provides unique cost effective quality solutions to various industry segments. The Heuristics team has an extensive experience in GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and Mobile Based Personnel Tracking Solutions, e-Beat, e-Investigation Solutions etc. Amit shares “In case of 26\11 attacks, management found out that the failure of beat operation co-ordination was because communication between RPF and Police was not made in time.”

Beat (patrol) is a very important activity of Police department, where constables at each station are assigned some important sensitive locations to patrol, such as hospitals, railway stations, bus stands, schools etc. They are supposed to keep an eye on these locations frequently, but in the former case there was no tool to ensure the patrol was done efficiently. To improve the scenario Punjab Police invited Heuristics Info to develop a tool to monitor their beat constables. Amit and his team members analyzed the whole situation and came up with Mobile Phone and Server based beat monitoring solution. It’s a client server based solution where a software runs in the background of the mobile phone which keep sending live location of a mobile to the server and if the mobile takes any image/video that also gets uploaded to the server instantly. This became a huge hit and subsequently they were recommended for e-governance award also. lt was deployed in Punjab Police as e-Beat/e-Investigation System on 6th Jan 2011. Following this success the startup started focusing on Private Industries and developed a very strong GPS/GIS Cloud based server platform which could track any GPS device available in the world.

Heuristics Info is led by Amit Dubey, as co-founder and CEO he has over 12 years experience in embedded and mobile software industry as senior manager with Samsung, ST-Micro and ST-Ericsson. He is also a renowned Crime Investigation Expert. Amit is well supported by Pradeep Rai (co-founder and CTO) and Rahul Shivhare. Pradeep has rich experience of 14+ years in Location Based Services and GIS Industry in Tele atlas Infotech, and TomTom. He also has expertise in developing highly optimized cloud based server solutions. While Rahul has 12+ Years in enterprise sales of Software Solutions, Experience with GPS, logistics and Fleet Management Industry. A total of 16 other members in the team also provide valuable support in strengthening the services.

The vision which was framed to help Indian Police Department was diversified to other business prospectus. Amit chips in “When we started developing the server solutions for various kinds ofebeatGPS tracking units, we realized the scalability potential of this business and we started identifying various gaps in this business. We thought of becoming number one GPS software service provider in India.” Their cloud based server now supports more than 150 different types of GPS trackers, these can be easily tracked on their server. They also offer a very specialized GPS Tracking Based Software Solution to Manufacturing Industries like Maruti and Transport Corporation of India (TCI), Coldex etc.

In August 2012 they had started office in Ghana and this year they have touched a partner count of 55 and achieved 800 + direct/indirect customers. Amit shares “The whole idea to select Africa (to expand our services) was to explore the under-developed markets. But we do have plans to expand to other countries as well. This year we opened an office in US and we are aiming for the same in UK as well.”

Heuristics was started with the initial savings from the founders, later they got a grant of 25 lakhs from Amity Incubator. They have been growing by 25-30% per month while focusing on the African market. Team Heuristics wish to touch a revenue count of five crores by the end of this financial year. They have also eyed to become a leader GPS software service provider in Africa by 2014/15.



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