CDAC Experience- Ist Year

My C-DAC(N) experince has me lot in my initiatves becasue it taught me how business and real life works. It has helped me produce working examples in my focus areas. It also taught me how mangerial function and decesion are made. My approach has been to gauge h0wI can apply the analytical skills and tools that i have learnt at C-DAC (in all my current initiatives. And I am tried my best to get value out of the MCA programmefro that I keeping my focous a lot. I never faced a lack of support from my peer and proffesors here at C-DAC. They encourage me in terms of giving me plateform to actually take my initiataves forward. I could participate in many of competition till now. The exposure has beenn tremendous. I personally feels that C-DAC(N) culture is an add-on-experience to my comming 2 years. I have to work hard, more than what i did at the undergrad level. But the best part is that is that i am here working with some of the great mind of the country. Beside, with the vibrant culture here at C-DAC(N) it is not all work and not to play. I also engage in fun student activities well . It also given me opportunites to arrange many movements in my hostl as well. According to me it is the tough of the programme that really one life in C-DAC(n) togeteher with the expirence of best learning. I has found my calling and i am also i am very clear in my mind about how i can my MCA degree to follow my passion. It is very important to have big dream of what is want to do in life and then pursue it. Search where i passionate sometime is may not ur dream fulfilled but is should continue in ur pursuit. I am a man for many season. If anything that distinguish myself from others is my fleeting interactin and my wit not to hurt anyone. Beside this, i work pretty early on projects as soon as possible. A bit of initiative, oppurtinity, luck landed me, till now is best in my programming part. Which Ipersonally feel i could on a much higher plane owing to my extrovert nature in C-DAC hostel. In C-DAC I have structured plan at the back of my mind to took at every opportunity as soon that could strenghten my candidature fo my IT career. Extracurricalars activities have always been part fo my pursuits and i belives that i am evolve holistacaly as a person owing to the diversity till which i lernt. One of the great experice till to tackle the confliciting priorites and keenness to strtech is the best part of C-DAC(N). At the end of first year this is my experience in C-DAC(N) Hostel and in college.


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