The Challenge is On! How Long Can We Spin This Out For?

Life on High

It’s a new year and a new month….. which means, time for a new blogging game! Yay! Uh, you guys WERE looking forward to this, weren’t you?

So maybe some of you have noticed by now, but last month I failed to do a blogging game due to time constraints, stress, lack of inspiration, and just plain laziness. I’d originally intended to post one after I came back from vacation and then when that didn’t work out, after Christmas, but by then I figured no one really cared and if we all survived the end of the world, a new month would be here in no time.

And now here we are.


I thought long and hard about what would be interesting and fitting for this time of year, when we’re all still starry-eyed and full of ambition. And then I came upon the idea of a never-ending story…

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