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For The Love Of Haiku 11

Family gathers!
Dad, mom, sissy and li’l bro…
I miss them dearly.
Feeling up the warmth
of the sun,  joy of laughter
around…  Cool siesta!
Sparkles  came down!
Saving the family fun.
“BEEEEEEP!”, says Road Runner.
Click to see the making of our haiku image for this week :)

The unselfish love
No one may notice but there
For family ties

 Tea with a Pirate says:

genetic engineering
shows us our future realms

kz says:

Braved seas, crossed mountains,
For this love that poets write…
I found it at home.

sarahpotterwrites says:

Fast forward minutes…
ambulance sirens, pool cleared.
Arachnid alert!

Esenga’ s Voice says:

more consternation
love is not just in the air
do loud words matter…

pseudomonaz says:

Haiku 1-

I see…

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