wee bee

this week’s wordpress challenge is to post about color (details can be found here). so here is wee bee’s response:

color blindness comes in many forms. there is your total color blindness, where the world is painted in hues of grey, but that is fairly rare for humans. a human with this type of color blindness, likely, is a monochromat (possessing only one color-picking-up cone in their eyes), as opposed to the usual trichromats of the rest of us normal-color vision people. more common is partial color blindness, which in humans can come in either blue-yellow or red-green vision deficiency form (there are multiple different subtypes of malfunctioning cones which can result in either of these deficiencies but they take a lot more explaining and are more boring than wee bee cares to get into). There is also the odd result of a number of human females actually being…

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