Supreme Court set to tread where members of Parliament fear to go: The minefield of deciding when life begins

National Post | News

OTTAWA — Just weeks after Parliament debated a motion on when human life begins, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal that again considers the question of when a fetus is legally considered a human being.

The court has agreed to hear the case of Ivana Levkovic, who was originally charged with, but acquitted of, concealing the dead body of her child. Like a recently defeated private member’s motion by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth, which sought to review a section of the criminal code declaring a fetus as human only at the moment of complete birth, the Levkovic case centres around the question of when a human life legally begins. Though dealing with a different part of the criminal code than the MP’s motion, the Levkovic case may have repercussions on Canadian reproductive law, where there are currently no limits on when a pregnancy can be terminated.


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