Killer Rabbits

Because it’s October, it’s naturally time to start thinking about scary things. Like ghosts, Frankenstein’s monster, my upcoming show deadlines, and the fact that my retail job will be insufferable from November to January.

I was asked a few weeks ago to participate in a gallery show near Halloween, so of course it was somewhat horror themed. But instead of giving the artists free range, the theme was a bit more polished- things that scared us as children. After quite a bit of thought (I have a terrible memory, so remembering things that scared me as a kid isn’t very easy), I suddenly remembered a movie I had seen as a child that had managed to follow me into adulthood: Night of the Lepus.

The movie isn’t the most terrifying, but it certainly made an impression on young me. One scene in particular, featuring killer rabbits leaping onto a herd…

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