Cycle of bad habbits

I have noticed whenever I start eating healthy and balance, after two or three days I start giving reasons to myself for  discontinuing it. Reasons like it doesn’t matter to eat sometimes, I ll start again from tomorrow, I ll not get fed up of it easily if I cheat a little. This is how I broke my routine and again jump into unhealthy eating habits.

I noticed that this isn’t just the cycle of my eating habits in fact I follow this in almost every past of my life. I am capable of letting go of the bad habits and I do it for some days after that I intentionally stop doing it by giving myself illogical reasons so I have to start all over again.

May be it’s just me or may be a lot people have cycles they follow. Like some people keep putting themselves in the same relationship again and again even after getting hurt. Some people quit smoking and then start it again even they know quitting is what they actually want. Some people speak up for themselves and then stop doing it because they are unable to believe that they have the right to do it.

Sometimes letting go of bad habits is like letting go of a part of yourself. Why is it so difficult to believe that we are more than our bad habits that we have all the control ? Why we don’t believe in ourselves and let it happen, or is it just the case of low motivation level ? I don’t have answers to these questions but I know one thing that we are repeating the same mistakes but expecting different results. We should find a way to break out of these cycles so that we can enjoy are stay in this world properly. I am finding the way out hopefully I will find it soon.

If someone have any thought I would love to know.

Stay happy always everyone.



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