Ruminations on Love & Lunchmeat

Generally speaking, my husband and I are very lucky.  We agree on lots of things so there’s no need for us to battle.  However, on those rare occasions where we do disagree, we both play to win.  And if we get to mock each other in the process, that’s a HUGE bonus.  Funny is fair game in our house.

From the minute we married, my husband has accused me of wanting to live in a cave.  That’s because I never remember to open the bedroom shades and my idea of a beautiful house looks straight out of nineteenth century Europe.  (Brown leather couches, thick drapes, and mahogany furniture…)  Because nineteenth century European decor is not practical for us, my husband won that battle.

Besides home decor, we also like to spar, with clubs in hand, over our children’s names.  We agree on numerous tenets when it comes to naming our children……

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