List of Controversial Topics


English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily...

English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily Pakistan in 1997; behind him on the wall is an AK-47 carbine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Political Controversial Issues Historical Controversial Issues Issues Related to Medicine & Healthcare
• Multiculturalism

Osama Bin Laden

• 9/11 Terrorist Attack

2003 Invasion of Iraq

Privatization of Social Security

• Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush

• Political Corruption

• Conservatism in the USA

• Nuclear Weapons

• New World Order

Barack Obama as President

• American Economy and Recession

• Who owns America?

Black History Month

• Fair Taxation in America

• The Holocaust Denials

• White Supremacy

• Native Americans in USA

• Feminism and Women’s Rights

• Ku Klux Klan

• Capital Punishment

• Quebec Separatism

• Women in Military

• Genocide

• Racism

• World War I & II: Was it Worth It?

• Recession in the 2000s and the Great Depression

• Terrorism: Are We Prepared to Fight it?

Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

• U.S Civil War

• Surrogacy: Who Owns the Child?

• Human Cloning

• Stem Cells

• Genetically Modified Foods

• Mercy Killing or Euthanasia

• Vegetarianism

• Genetic Engineering

• Pro Life Movement

• Fad Diets and Health Concerns

• Steroids

• Assisted Suicide

• Alcohol Consumption

• AIDS: Acceptance and Denial

• Human Evolution

• Sperm Donor and Egg Donor

Family & Society Related Issues Controversies Related to Sexuality Miscellaneous Controversial Issues
• Homelessness

• Adoption

• Swearing in Classroom by Teachers and Students

• Breast Feeding in Public

• Live in Relationships

• Marital Rape

• Divorce and Its Consequences on Children

• Pornography Addiction

• Sex Education: When is the Right Time?

• Social Networking: Safe or Risky?

• Gay Marriages and Parenthood

• Using Cell phones in Schools

• Family Relationships

• PlayStation vs. Playground

• Teenage Depression: What Needs to be Done?

• Birth Control


• Extramarital Sex

• Anal Sex

• Virginity: Does it Matter?

• Polyamory

• Zoophilia

• Necrophilia

• Pederasty

• Incest

• Swinging

• Teenage Pregnancy

• Condoms in Schools

• Gay Rights, LGBT Rights

Genital Modification and Mutilation

• Unidentified Flying Objects

• Does God Exist?

• Will the World End in 2012?

• Satanism

Judas Iscariot: Disciple or Deceiver?

• Marijuana Legalization

• Bermuda Triangle

• Paranormal Phenomena

• Reality TV

• Ozone Depletion

• Astrology as a ‘Science’

• Pluto demoted as a Planet

• New Astrological Signs

• Human Trafficking

• World Religion




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