Father’s Day

I love the Swedish hello, because it also looks like “Holla,” which would be … “urban?”

Today, in the US at least, it’s Father’s Day. We’re supposed to celebrate fathers. I’m lucky in this regard. I have an awesome dad. But the thing is, why do we celebrate it for just one day? I try my best to celebrate my father daily. And if you’ve lost your father? Do you only think about him once a year? I’m going with no.


I think often about this: if _____ died, would I have said everything I want to say? I try to keep that answer “yes” all the time. So, if you live that way, you don’t have to worry about Father’s Day. It’s not some false holiday. It’s just a pointed highlight to a year long celebration. If we’re not thanking people for their amazing part in our lives all the time, then we’re missing an opportunity, aren’t we?


How often do you thank your best customers? I didn’t ask you how often you sell to them. I’m asking how often you thank them? I know I don’t do it enough. I know that I will be adding a process to make sure I do so going forward. I intend to celebrate the people who work with me at least monthly. Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t you?

This can have many forms.

You can tweet the occasional praise of a product or service you use. (I did that a week ago to @Sonos for making my afternoon better.) You can send a paper letter in the mail (but do NOT advertise or sell or stuff it full of business cards. Be clear who you are, but be HUMAN). You can just drop a quick email, or call someone up. It’s easy. Just do SOMETHING. Do NOT put this on the “I Should” pile.


I didn’t have a lot to talk about this week. I just wanted to share this one message with you over coffee. Oh, speaking of coffee, I’m switching to tea. There are more flavors and I like the energy. : )

If you enjoy these newsletters, don’t hesitate to FORWARD them to a friend. If you’re the lucky friend who received this letter, feel free to come here to get your own for free every week!

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