10 Wackiest Trucks in the World

1. Rather than have one specific truck, I’m going to show a whole group of them for this one. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Dekotora trucks of Japan. An abbreviation of “decoration truck”, these are heavily customized and garishly decorated giant trucks. Owned and operated either by genuine transport truckers or even by your average hobbyist, they feature a multitude of embellishments, including shiny paint, flashing lights, and detailed artwork being amongst the most common.

2. Not much is known about this next truck, apart from that it hails from Russia, the truck insurance on it would be astronomical because of the modifications, and it is apparently called the Dragon Tank Truck. It seems to be made from large sheets of metal that have been artfully arranged and welded together. Fully functional and still capable of hauling, it would certainly be a sight to see when cruising down the roads!

3. In Pakistan, they love to over-decorate their trucks as well. It started out slowly, with just a garish decoration here and there, but rapidly spiraled into a nationwide truck phenomenon, a competition for each person to try and outdo the other. The result is an assortment of decoration styles, each one stranger than the last – I’d defy anyone to find a van insurance company who would be willing to take this monstrosity on board!

4. Compared to the other trucks show here, it might not seem so outlandish, but the fact that it’s driven by the UPS makes up for that! They’re calling it the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient delivery truck in the world, which is quite a claim to make. Apparently it’ll lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel efficiency dramatically saving you money, maybe the car insurance cost would increase and outweigh the economic benefits, but that’s just nit-picking. And by the way… it’ll also carry your deliveries!

5. Quite possibly not a completely working set of trucks, but a piece of outrageous truckery for certain! Displayed at the Burning Man Festival in 2007, it’s titled the Big Rig Jig and was designed by New Yorker Mike Ross. Sculpted from two 18-wheeler tankers, it’s definitely one exhibition that you wouldn’t want knocked over, you would need to be sure your life insurance policy covers driving it, otherwise you should steer well clear.

6. Luigi Colani is a Swiss-German industrial designer who happened to design this fantastic truck. Rather than calling himself a designer he calls himself a “three-dimensional philosopher of the future” and believes that fluidity of shape and form, and smooth, ergonomic appearances are the true way forward with design.

7. The Walking Truck was made by the General Electric company in 1968. Built as a quadruped, it was made this way so that it could easily carry heavy equipment over harsh terrain. Weighing roughly 1.5 tons, it had a top speed of 4mph.

8. Liebherr, a heavy equipment manufacturer in Germany, are designers of the largest earth-hauling truck in the world, the T 282B. It weighs in at 203 tons empty, has a maximum operating weight of 592 tons, and can carry 365 tons. This beast of a truck will set you back around $3.5 million, but CD-player and air-con are optional. I can only wonder what height of garage the owner has to store this monster truck in and whether his home insurance would pay for a new garage if he forgot that the garage roof is 10 feet lower than the roof of his truck when driving in the door!

9. Another German creation, the Rotel, or Das Rollende Hotel (the Rolling Hotel), is a mobile hotel in the form of a truck. I imagine that it would be like a mobile home; except that you’re sharing it was a lot more people. Hopefully there aren’t arguments over whose turn it is for the shower/bathroom this time.

10. No truck compilation is without the main factor in making trucks appeal to everyone: Optimus Prime. Having risen to fame and popularized in the Transformer cartoons of many years ago (and also having resurfaced in more contemporary cartoon shows), he was lately the star of his very own live-action movie. Appearing as a giant humanoid robot in his true form, he possessed the remarkable ability to transform into a trailer-hauling truck. Many have pondered as to where his trailer appears from during this transformation period, but unfortunately at the time of going to press, Prime was unavailable for comment.


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