Few days back I wrote a post on sloths and how slothism is the new and only way of life.It was a revelation of a kind, I found a lot of fellow slothers here and now we all sloth with pride. Of course there are  some still trying hard to get there, way to go buddies, may the sloth king bless you with sloth powers of doing nothing.
and it is due to this highly spiritually awakening post I got to know Stuart Young. I pleaded , bribed and then finally threatened him for a free copy of his first story on Sloths( see other people write about them too)
Now Stuart is obviously someone who values his life,so he did send me a copy and friends I gotta tell you he is a fabulous writer. only a warm lovely soul like Stuart could have come up with such a cute little tale of brave Curio the sloth…

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