Dear mirror on  the wall,

It’s with a heavy heart
I today write you this letter,
I would have stalled this if I had any hope
that things would get  better.

I still remember the day I bought you here,
you were  sparkling and just fine.
Of course I would have loved to have a little more
but I thought you would improve like wine.

Sadly though that was not  to be and
you had nothing more to offer.
Not that you made any false promises but I thought
I can persuade you, being a good goffer

Agreed  age has not being on my side and
times have been cruel too,
But to show  me in bad light, all fat and wrinkled
is that what partners do?

They  say we are as old as
our partners make us feel,
And all you have done is  to highlight my flaws

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