“Funny how the necessary seems shallow, but if you go below the surface you begin to wonder why it seems necessary.  The compulsions behind what we do.  It’s easy to say it’s just money.  Why my buddy lost his wife and lives on the streets now, but I don’t think it’s the root of it.  The root of the problem.  It’s the seed that first takes root.  And look how many there are around us!  They’ve fallen everywhere.  That indication of spring.  It’s a fine time, isn’t it?  Spring in New Orleans?  All these seeds fallen from trees.  Wasted on rock and pavement.  Looking for cracks in the earth to bury themselves and grow.  Almost makes you wonder if there’s a psychology to it—a behavior.  What makes a seed a seed?  What makes it do what it does?”

“I don’t think they have a mind to call it psychology…”

“No… …

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