One Thin Thread of Mind

are words to soothe
your wound,
I shall look,


if ,
are ways to ease
your burden,
I shall take.

o magic in the air,
I call upon thee,
all the universe come may,
sprites and fairies,
hear my offerings,
and grant me a wish,
angels above the clouds,
hear this heart…

I offer thee,
the crystals,
and pearls in chains,
with the blood of this very vein,

the sprites
riding the wind,
go find a cure,
for a pain
for a pain
born by this mortal.

and fairies
among the flowers,
go find this mortal,
spring your delicacy,
and bloom your flowers.

o angels from the sky,
lend me your wings,
to comfort this mortal,
sing me your chants,
ending the grief taken,

work with me,
magic in the air,
with all the might,
with all the soul,
I call upon thee.


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