Just an ordinary night..lovely post


you walk into my room in the wee hours of the night

i’ve fallen asleep already and you quietly remove your clothes

slip under the blanket, wiggle close to my body so we are skin to skin

smiling in amusement for a moment

i’ve always liked to sleep nude

you always found it amusing

fingers lightly move the hair from my face

and caress from my neck on down my spine

i mumble sleepily and unconcious still

one arm wraps around my waist

another you work under my head to use as a pillow

you smirk thinking of how i never sleep with a pillow through the night

though i’m more then content to use you as one

i scoot closer to you, like a moth to flame

my feet are chilled from pokin out from under the blanket

you kick the blanket down over our feet

and entwine your…

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