Top News channels in India and world

The CNN Center in Atlanta.

The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logo of Headlines Today

Logo of Headlines Today (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Musharraf addresses Pakistan for the...

President Musharraf addresses Pakistan for the first time since state of emergency was announced, shown here on CNN-IBN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NDTV Profit

NDTV Profit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


CNN-IBN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NDTV 24x7 logo

NDTV 24x7 logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  2. Posted by hasamukh jinnatali vadasariya on January 17, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Being a semi Muslim (AGA KHANI-ISMAILI) I have took some interest in HINDU religion in our country (INDIA). And so the AGA KHANI Leaders have given me punishment, by transferring my permanent job which was in AGA KHAN NET WORK at a little village to a METRO CITY MUMBAI with same salary i.e. Rs. 2351/- ( $ 51 only) per month and other details are as under in my words.

    From :-
    Hasamukh J. Vadasariya
    “Gokul”, Sarwati Society,
    TB Hospital Road
    KESHOD-362 220.
    Dist. Junagadh (Gujarat-INDIA)
    Cont.No. +91 9725949511

    The Respected Sir (Receiver)

    If the receiver/You want to be helpful to me, it will be my pleasure if your will try to read the under mentioned probleme. You are requested to please Help me or guide me to get my JOB/SERVICE back in AGA KHAN DEVELOPMENT NET WORK’s office “Muniwar-Abad Charitable Trust” in INIDA. OR please provide me our hon. IMAM Prince AGA KHAN’S (Imam’s) e-mail id or office address, or please forward this mail to the Respected IMAM Aga Khan on behalf of me. (Thanks)

    Sub. :- A request to help me to get my job back as I am an employee of Muniwar-Abad Charitable Trust, C/o. Aga Khan Planning & Building Service – India.

    Respected sir/Madam,

    The above management have failed to show my any fault during my sincere job, it means I have nothing made any fault, however the management have given me punishment, why ? I will give it’s answer as per my view which is true also. ( belongs to Isamili (Agakhani) community, I am taking interest in HINDU religious, and the management does not like this, and there was not any fault in my work/duty, so they can not give me punishment directly, and so they have transferred my JOB at MUMBAI metro city and there they have given me Rs. 2531/- ($ 51)p.m. Salary only (without any other metro city allowance.

    In year 1996 I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Commerce, on it’s base + my computer knowledge and typing speed, I have got the job as an Administrative Assistant in our AGA KHAN DEVELOPENT NETWORK’s office Named “MUNIWAR-ABAD CHATITABLE TRUST’s field office located at KESHOD, Dist. Junagadh-Gujarat-India. The Muniwar-Abad Charitable Trust is register in Mumbai (Maharashtra-INDIA) under the Bombay Public Turst Act-E-4857(BOM)

    I was doing my job very well, as working hard and working at late night also if required and also worked as field staff, even though I was office staff. And for this our every Area Manage (Office Head) have given me various certificate of hardworking & good behavior. By working hard, I have never given a chance to respected Management to give me any notice or memo regarding my poor work.

    As per my good work/performance our Area Manager Shri M.U. Kukadiya Sir (our Office Head of that time) have also given me good performance certificate to me during August 2001. And after in Next Month September 2001, the Management have STOPED my annual increment suddenly, which they have given to all other staff. At that time I was shocked, and have asked to the Management that, why they have stopped my increment, as there were not any weakness in job/performance, and also requested to release my increment. But I have not got any answer/result from the managemnt, and at Last I have put a request towards the State Government’s Labor Arbitration (Samadhan) Office, but the Management never has been Present with this Office for arbitration.

    During this year 2001-02 there was a situation to establish the AGA KHAN PLANNING & BUILDING SERVICE-INDIA office in our KESHOD. The management have establish the new office named as above (AKPBS-I), in my word new named NAME PLATE only. At/in the same location/ building the new named office has been started. The project, office building, staff, furniture, office vehicle, which were the property of MACT (Muniwar-Abad Charitable Trust) were transferred to the new named office (AKPBS-I. All the staff instead of me are also transferred in to new named office AKPBSI at local level KESHOD field office. And only I have received my transfer letter (transferring me from Keshod field base office to Mumbai Head Office) by respected Management. During this time I have requested many time to the Management to cancel my transfer and give me chance to service in new office AKPHSI, as all other staff (my Colleagues) are provided to service in new office. But nothing & I had to join our MUMBI Head Office. After joining there again I have requested to the Management to transfer me at KESHOD field office. But management have said me, that is not possible and here in Mumbai (India’s most Expensive City) you may got your salary only Rs. 2531/- ($ 51) per month, as you have been gotten at Keshod field office. And they have also proved it by giving me salary after my transfer/joining at Mumbai office. With Bachelor Degree and 6 years experience in our organization I was a clerk cadre employee. Anybody easily estimate that how it is possible to run a family by only Rs. 2531/- (Aprox. $ 51) p.m.. But at Mumbai office I have come to know that the peon of our Mumbai Office was getting more salary then me, and the management have provided them House facility also. But the management have not provided me any facility and I have to manage my family by only Rs. 2531/- ($ 51) p.m.. So anybody easily estimate that, it is not possible to manage/run a family by only Rs. 2531/- ($51) in METRO CITY –Mumbai.

    Thus, it was not possible for me to service/work in METRO CITY Mumbai within only Rs. 2531/- ($ 51) pm salary. So I have to go back at my native palace KESHOD. And belongs to ISMAILI a General Category of cast, in our India there is not possible to get any job after 28 years & over. So since year 2002 (for last 10 years) I am being un-employed. Since Feb. 2002 to till date the Management have noting paid me towards my salary. Since Feb. 2002 my above matter is pending at Labor Court of- JUNAGADH, and the management have never tried to be present to discuss on this matter, and never provide any proof regarding my week performance by remain present in Labor Court-Junagadh (Gujarat), because they have nothing to show regarding my poor performance, and never tried to be merciful to me

    Due to being job less, my wife also has left me. And at present as per our ISMAILY community tradition, no any Ismaily person keep relation with me, and no any Ismaily is ready to make marriage of his daughter with me, as I have done an arbitration application against the AGA KHAN’s Office. And no any Ismaily Leaders consider me and my family as an Ismaily Family and they are never used to inform us or invite us in any Ismaily religious event or programmes. Thus since year 2002, I have suffered a lot due to this office, and am suffering a lot at present. Still the Management is not ready to give me my job back, and not ready to provide me any details regarding my Provident Fund money, procedure to get partially Fund/money from my PF A/c.
    Today I have need of money to manage my mother’s illness & make a small business. And for the same I want to get my Provident Fund money (my contribution & Management’s contribution), and I have written to the management also. But they have not reply me. My PF A/c No. was MH/40829/40 (old) as per my knowledge the said PF A/c No. is now changed. I also want to know what is my new PF A/c No. what is the current balance in my PF account. And what is the procedure to get a part of money from it.

    So I would like to request you please help me in getting my job back at Keshod field base office, as all other staff are working. And I am ready to join my duty at Mumbai also if management will provide me house facility and metro city allowance/facility in Mumbai as they provides to other staff at present. And please guide me, how can I get my provident fund (PF) money. My PF A/c No. was MH/40829/40 (old).

    So please spare a little time to guide me or help me at your level please. And it will be my pleasure if you will take this matter heartily & do the needful at your end please.

    If you have the email ID our IMAM His Highness Prince Aga Khan, so plz plz provide me the ID of our respected IMAM.

    Thanking you.
    Yours sincerely,

    Hasamuh J. Vadasariya
    (Ex. Admin.Asst.)
    Muniwar-Abad Charitable Trust

    {Request : If the receiver of this mail (you are) not the concerned person, on behalf me please forward it to the concern person please, who will be helpful to me.}


  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable list of news channels running in India and world.


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