Successful Entrepreneur: Nitin Deveshwar

Nitin is CMD of ESMS India and esource India, an online recruitment firm. The seed capital of the now Rs 40 crore business was just Rs 2 lakhs
A small room, one long table, four chairs and me: This is how Nitin Deveshwar, chairman and managing director, ESMS India and Esource India, an online recruitment firm, describes the beginning his first entrepreneurial venture. “In 2003, I decided to part ways with the regular nine to five job and move into entrepreneurship.” says Deveshwar.

Today, with total revenue of Rs 40 crore per annum, Esource India is moving towards talent recruitment in the Tier-3 and Tier-4 cities. “It is nothing like other online recruiters. We have done away with paper resumes and are treading into a paperless society so how can recruitment be any different,” he says. Esource provides live database of talent along with the facility of social networking through the website.

“The human resource departments in most firms don’t invest a minute to shortlisted candidates, so we provide a video resume to registered users,” he informs. After registering for Rs 100, the user can receive recruitment information online. So what is so different about this recruitment service?

“The shift of industrial activities in to smaller towns is evident and has created major job opportunities in the manufacturing sector. But recruitment in these areas is not as active as the metros. I am doing my bit by helping the unidentified talent from small towns and giving them a platform,” says Deveshwar. Leading a team of 5000 people, he is a confident and humble man. What started with a mere Rs 2 lakh has led to a revolution today. Although it took him seven years to reach where he is, hard work did the job.


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