The Power of Deliberate Practice

Remember, if you want to succeed online, you’ll probably need to log thousands of hours. And in most cases, it’s not just busy work so you can’t put in 16 hour days to make it work. Instead, you’ll have to push yourself each day and that can be exhausting. Geoff Colvin, in “Talent is Overrated,” calls this deliberate practice.

What qualifies as deliberate practice for a blogger? Here’s a list:

Do you write content? Learn how to make it better.
Need people to promote your products? Craft personal pitches to specific people (mass templates won’t work).
Want higher search rankings? Spend time building links or learning about other aspects of SEO.
Need your next article to go viral? Stop thinking its luck and discover how to create viral content.
This is obviously a short list, and it’s not complete. However, if you’re building a website, you know what you have to do. The advice doesn’t change. You just need to put the time in.

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