Chat & Hangout: Facebook Challenges Google Plus

he other day, Facebook announced it is going to include a video chat so that friends can chat online. Facebook says this is an improvement over Skype, because you don’t have to download Facebook apps to do this, while Skype you do. OK, that is fine. However, this comes a bit late since Google has already offered something far superior to this on its new social network Google Plus. This feature is called the hangout. So, you can hang out with a bunch of people with full audio and visual/video support. Being an invited member of the current beta to test out Google + has been a great experience thus far and I tried out the hangout both two nights ago and last night and it is really cool. There are no glitches, however sometime the video streaming can get blocked for a few seconds then it picks up again. All in all, Google has won the race to getting multiple video chats running in their application called hangout. Hopefully Google Plus (+) will become available to the general public soon. Then everyone can chat with colleagues, friends, family membes, etc. using this resource. This will become a great resource for veterans overseas to chat with all family members who might live in different states, for example. This will also become a great resource for teachers who might have students in different locations. Google once again rocks the house with Plus and Hangout!

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