SAP and its Significance

SAP may refer to:

Standard Assessment Procedure, a method system for measuring the energy rating of residential dwellings used in the United Kingdom
IATA code for Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport, located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Serum amyloid P component, the identical serum form of Amyloid P component (AP)
Santa Paula, California (Amtrak station code: SAP)
Second audio program, an auxiliary audio channel for broadcast and cable television
Seminal acid phosphatase, an enzyme produced by the prostate
Special Assistance Plan, an academic programme in Singapore
Special access program, Pentagon terminology for secret government programs
Stabilisation and Association Process of the European Union for the western Balkans states
Statutory accounting principles
Strong anthropic principle, the idea proposing that the universe must produce life
Structural Adjustment Program of the International Monetary Fund
Superabsorbent polymer, a polymer able to absorb tens or hundreds of times its own weight in water
South African Police, the national law enforcement organisation of South Africa between 1913 and 1994
Shrimp Alkaline phosphatase, a common alkaline phosphatase from a species of arctic shrimp
The Seabirds Advisory Panel, a committee set up to advise the British Birds Rarities Committee on seabird records


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