Snapdeal adopts village in Uttar Pradesh and residents renames village to

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There is Tatanagar and Modinagar, now there will be a Nagar.

While Gujarmal Modi and Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata established industries in the regions that went on to bear their names, Snapdeal has achieved this milestone by adopting a village called Shiv Nagar, in Uttar Pradesh .

The one-year-old online group buying venture will develop the village’s infrastructure, including installation of water pumps and supporting the local school and hospital.

Shiv Nagar’s residents, many of whom would not have even heard of e-commerce or Internet, decided to take on the company’s name as an expression of gratitude.

Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) has emerged as a major contributor to a brand’s identity and goodwill. A number of established companies have scholarships, sponsor NGOs and work with local communities. Mahindra & Mahindra’s Education Trust, Tata Consultancy Services’ Adult Literacy Program , Dabur’s Sustainable Development Society (SUNDESH) and DLF’s Swapana Sarthak Informal School for children of construction workers are just some examples.

“Companies look at CSR as giving back to the society but many have also realised they can leverage their initiatives to build their brand image and strategy,” says Adarsh Kataruka, Founder of SoulAce, which works as a CSR consultant with companies.

Snapdeal has emerged as a front runner in the still-nascent group buying industry in India. The site, which offers daily discounted deals, has over 5 million subscribers and claims to be adding a new subscriber every second.


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