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MindTree investors chase Ashok Soota for a share in his Happiest Minds Technologies

Several investors, who backed veteran IT leader Ashok Soota in his earlier venture, Mind-Tree, are now in talks with him for investment in Happiest Minds Technologies , the firm he launched recently.

Potential investors include Sudhir Sethi, who was head of Walden India International when it invested in Mindtreeand is now founder and chairman of early stage venture capital firm, IDG Ventures India, Walden India, Sequoia and one or two other venture capital firms, two people with knowledge of the discussions said.

“All the people who had a prior relationship with him and who backed him in MindTree are in talks with him for the new venture. Some funds have also approached Mr Soota independently when they learnt he was starting something new,” said one of the people. Happiest Minds is in a similar business as Mindtree and plans to offer IT services, R&D services, product engineering services, remote infrastructure management, testing and consulting.

The firm will focus on some of the emerging technologies such as cloud, social CRM, unified communications, mobility, business intelligence and analytics, Mr Soota had said at its launch. He did not answer calls made to him. In response to ET’s mail requesting a confirmation, his media agency, Gutenberg Communications , said: “We will not be able to confirm any of these developments and if you go ahead with the story it will be purely speculative.”

Walden and IDG Ventures declined to comment. However, two people independently confirmed that 4-5 firms, including IDG, Walden and Sequoia, were in discussions with Mr Soota and Happiest Minds could raise up to $45 million in funding. Mr Soota could divest around 15%- 20% to financial investors. V G Siddhartha, Cafe Coffee Day founder and an early investor in MindTree through Global Technology Ventures, could also invest because of his long-standing relationship with Mr Soota although it was not certain, they said.

“Walden has made handsome returns on its initial investment of Rs 24 crore in Mindtree,” said a person close to Mindtree. “Mr Soota may be 67 years old but he is a person of high intellect and energy. The bigger question is the level of maturity of the IT industry, which is very different today from what it was when MindTree started,” he said. Mr Soota is in process of the getting together a team, including a CEO for the venture and people to head the six service lines Happiest Minds plans to offer.

Several old associates of Mr Soota have got in touch on their own or have been contacted by Mr Soota to be part of the new venture, at least three people said. Many of them are former or current MindTree employees. Former MD of Kyocera Wireless and Parthasarathy NS are among the CEO candidate being explored by Mr Soota for his venture. Another Mindtree executive, Kalyan Banerjee, may also join Mr Soota. Happiest Minds expects to start delivering services in five months, and has set a target of growing to $100 million in five years.


What is the difference between a theme and a template?

Some people may confuse a theme with a template, and in many cases they are the same thing. However, inWordPress, there is a specific distinction between the two that users should understand. Though you do not necessarily need to understand the difference, when you start working on your theme files it will help to know.

Template Files

The template files in WordPress are used to display the content of your site. There are many template filesused for the different areas in your web site. By manipulating these template files you can create a custom look for your site. The template files recognized by WordPress are:

  • style.css - (Required) The main stylesheet. This must be included with your Theme, and it must contain the information header for your Theme.
  • index.php - (Required) The main template. If your Theme provides its own templates, index.phpmust be present.
  • comments.php - The comments template. If not present, comments.php from the “default” Theme is used.
  • comments-popup.php - The popup comments template. If not present, comments-popup.phpfrom the “default” Theme is used.
  • home.php - The home page template.
  • single.php - The single post template. Used when a single post is queried. For this and all other query templates, index.php is used if the query template is not present.
  • page.php - The page template. Used when an individual Page is queried.
  • category.php - The category template. Used when a category is queried.
  • author.php - The author template. Used when an author is queried.
  • date.php - The date/time template. Used when a date or time is queried. Year, month, day, hour, minute, second.
  • archive.php - The archive template. Used when a category, author, or date is queried. Note that this template will be overridden by category.phpauthor.php, and date.php for their respective query types.
  • search.php - The search results template. Used when a search is performed.
  • 404.php - The 404 Not Found template. Used when WordPress cannot find a post or page that matches the query. This template could be modified to include a table of contents or list of posts for your site.

The theme for your WordPress site is the collection of template files, images and style sheets that create the entire site. At the very minimum, a theme file will include the template files index.php and style.css. If the theme you are using is missing any template files,WordPress will use the built in files using theTemplate Hierarchy. It is this hierarchy that makes developing themes for wordpress quick and easy as you do not need to create or modify every template file.

Once you know and understand how the template files and the theme work you can begin to modify an existing theme or build a new theme. In the next few weeks and months I will share with your some fun tricks to making your WordPress web site unlike any other.

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, United States Has Body

Osama bin Laden, the glowering mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans, was killed in an operation led by the United States, President Barack Obama said Sunday. A small team of Americans killed bin Laden in a firefight at a compound in Pakistan, the president said in a dramatic late-night statement at the White House.

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