Young Entrepreneurs Award Shortlist

Category A:

Companies that are at least 2 years old and less than 5 years old

Aspiring Minds, Delhi
Anjaneya Lifecare, Mumbai
Clickindia, Delhi
Cocubes, Chandigarh
Commonfloor, Bangalore
Gridbots, Ahmedabad
Kwench, Mumbai
Minimac Solutions, Pune
P2Power Solutions, Noida
SEED, Gurgaon
Techbuddy Consulting, Mumbai
The Hiring Tool, Hyderabad
TouchMagix, Pune
Wirkle Technologies, Delhi

Category B:

Companies that are less than 2 years old

Witcraft Marketing, Delhi

ArrayShield, Chennai

Valuefy Consultants, Mumbai

AliveNow, Bangalore

Engage4More, Mumbai

Eko, Delhi

GreenwayGrameen, Mumbai

Desicrew, Chennai

MobStac, Bangalore

Tatsam Sports, Delhi

Phyzok Learning, Coimbatore


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