Virtually There

Doing business without the traditional trappings means equipping employees with the right platforms.

When I started my works, there was never a question that it would be a virtual business and a stand alone business .

• Google Apps. We use a hosted Google Apps solution for e-mail.

• Skype. We use Skype for a de facto office phone. It’s free and allows one to work hands-free while collaborating

• Adium and Trillian. Instant messaging comes in lots of flavors. I chose an app that lets me use whatever system the other party chooses while keeping my interface the same. Whether using Adium for the Mac or Trillian for the PC, if you have a fast-paced collaboration project on the go, this is a huge help.
• Yammer. This is an internal version of Twitter.

• Google Docs. We didn’t bother buying office software. Google Docs works well for sharing information back and forth
• Linoit. This is a virtual cork board where your team can put up sticky notes.

• GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.
• Evernote. We use Evernote for note-taking, each with our own account.
• Dropbox. We pass files through Dropbox, which gives as much as 2GB of free storage.


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