Top 10 companies to work for in India

Top 10 companies to work for in India

Posted -195970 minutes ago by Pritika Ghura
The 2010 edition of ‘India’s Best Companies To Work For’ by The Economic Times has ranked the top 10 companies in India on the basis of management, facilities, infrastructure, growth prospects, etc. After interviewing CEOs, HR heads and employees to gauge what it takes to be the best company to work for, this study reports on how companies have nurtured their human capital in the face of the downturn, while taking some bold initiatives to maintain growth.

Check out the 10 best companies to work for -:

1) Google India: Located in Bangalore and founded in 1998, Google India’s main work is in Online Search, Online Advertising & Online Applications. You cannot pinpoint at one thing that makes Google one of the best places to work for. It is a combination of values and operating principles to make the work more enjoyable and encourage innovations. Commitment towards finding talented people is not solely based on ranks and percentage, but on the inclusion of those who have a sense of mission and derive massive satisfaction from their work.

2) Make MyTrip: Located in Gurgaon and founded in 2000, this company’s main work target is booking airline tickets, hotels, bus and rail ticket and holiday packages. The immense sense of empowerment at MakeMyTrip is drawing in top talent by the droves. For one, Amit Somani, the company’s Chief Products Officer, has no hang-ups about leaving Google to join MakeMyTrip.

3) Intel Technology India: Located in Bangalore this IT giant was founded in 1988, this firm has also tried to ingrain a culture of being open and direct. It is very serious about having an open-door policy and reaching out to seniors is the norm. Coupled with periodic feedback mechanisms, this keeps every Intellite on the ball.

4) Marriot Hotels: Located in Mumbai, one of the best names in hospitality ranks 4th in the best place to work for in India because the company’s employee policy rests on three main legs: an open-door policy, empowerment and fairness.

5) NetApp India: Set foot into NetApp India’s headquarters in Bangalore and chances are ping-pong balls would be zooming past your head, this is a place definitely not for those who consider their work-life as part of a calibrated approach. Also you will never find people rarely complaining about pay and not getting a fair share of profits.

6) American Express: Founded in 2006 in Gurgaon and specializing in financial services, Amex has been working to building a Gen Next workplace as its ‘ecosystem for the future’, which is young, vibrant and diverse in the true sense.

7) NTPC: Located in Delhi with an employee strength of 24,708, the Rs 49,478.86-crore power major employs about 25,000 die-hard loyalists, who take pride in the 35-year-old brand and its empowerment attributes. It is one of the best public enterprises to work for.

8) PayPal India: Located in Chennai and specializing in e commerce, PayPal, which is a part of eBay, believes in empowering technologists, especially women. There is a dedicated group named ‘eBay Women in Technology.’

9) Ajuba Solutions: Located in Chennai and specializing in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, this BPO believes in ‘inspired people, inspired results’. Named after the hindi word of miracle, the company tries to live by its credo of “working wonders for our clients and employees.

10) SAS Institute: Located in Mumbai, this company offers a stress free environment and is flexible enough to give employees option to work from home.


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  1. Posted by Raghav Vasant on August 23, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    I don’t know what is the base of this ranking ! There are many disagreement on this. As far as I know this is the correct order is –


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