14 advantages of using Email marketing software

14 advantages of using Email marketing software

If your looking to grow your online business then you should definitely consider using email marketing. You may have seen the buzz around email marketing before, on forums, blogs and so on everyone talking about email marketing and how effective it is. Well it is true, this is no hyped up bs, email marketing can be effective and can increase your income ten fold.

The money is in the list – very true.

Email marketing can be a very effective way of developing a relationship with your customers and an excellent way of getting repeat custom. But why isn’t everyone using email marketing? Well many people believe that email marketing is very time consuming therefore they are put of by this marketing technique before they even start.

I use email marketing myself and I would say I am a pretty busy person, however I still find time to focus on my email marketing campaigns. How? Because I use an excellent email marketing auto responder called Aweber. Probably the most popular email marketing software available and the best selling. Below is a list of excellent features that Aweber integrates in to its system.

You are able to choose from a variety of different opt in templates like those you find on my website (right sidebar, below my article).
Emails are automatically stored and can be edited/sent later on.
New subscribers receive a welcome message that you can edit.
You are able to create as many follow up emails as you would like and send them between intervals of your choice.
You are able to make subscribers double opt in helping keep your list targeted and spam free.
You are able to choose from a variety of email templates from the most colorful professional themes to simple, sleek and elegant themes.
Aweber keeps your emails safe from spam complaints, blacklists and filters so the emails don’t get trashed.
You can schedule as many emails as you would like.
You cancreate as many mailing lists as you would like, as many campaigns as you would like.
Aweber can be easily intergrated with RSS feeds so you can combine your subscriber lists and send/control the subscribers through Aweber.
You are able manage all of this from an online control panel, very simple to use.
Aweber provide several step by step video guides and tutorials for anyone who needs help.
You are able to add images/video and other content to your emails.
Aweber has a variety of analytics tools/reports/graphs which track all of your history and current live campaigns


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